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User Info: UltMario

5 years ago#1
I stumbled upon this program that lets you compose music like mario paint. It also allows you to convert your creation to MML format for your games I think. This japan user has created a couple games and an 8 by 8 font editor to change the look of text.

Composer QR code

How to use composer (you need google translator to read it)

Youtube videos of sample songs made with composer

Font editor QR code

Missile Defense QR code

Minor Miner QR code

Retro Racing QR code

This user also has other QR codes but, I don't know what their intended uses are.
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User Info: mstop_4

5 years ago#2
"Put it in H!"

User Info: ChaosTFox

5 years ago#3
Wait, this composer allows one to make their own songs to insert into their games? I'm in! Been waiting for one that can make songs longer than what the included sequencer offers.
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User Info: Jazzy_P

5 years ago#4
Would anyone mind walking through how to play the music made using the composer in applications? Songs saved using it are GRPs by default, and even though I'm sure the data is actually MML, I don't know the correct command to copy to a BGM. Any help is much appreciated!

User Info: ChaosTFox

5 years ago#5
^ If you are referring to importing the songs composed into a game, then we both want to know.
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User Info: Mico27

5 years ago#6
It doesnt let you export your composition into MML format. It only save it as a grp so that he can load it again when you restart the program.
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