So I just finished the game

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User Info: aiiirik

5 years ago#1
It was nice revisiting an old favorite again, though I was expecting more to be honest. I probably shouldn't have been, since they weren't allowed to change anything and barely allowed to make new content as well.

Still, when I finally downed the final boss, the first time the game crashed. Second attempt there was no crash, but when the credits came up, all I got was "Missing line #46346" and no credits. (Note that the numbers aren't correct, I cannot remember the exact error code.)

So my glorious end to baldur's gate was met with a crash and an error for credits. Still, that is just like good old BG1, hah.

I am also very sad that the new content was very shabby and buggy from start to finish. Even Dorn kept asking me if I wanted him to leave after I hit 18 reputation. I assumed he was supposed to leave at 18+ rep like most evil chars, but he just asked if I wanted him to leave and I could have him rejoin the party, over and over and over.
And it's always completely random when he will suddenly leave the party and walk toward me and ask again. Can happen in the middle of anywhere. Happened in the battle with Aec'Letec too, uncool >_<

Also Neera spoilers: Anyone got further than to kissing with her? She says we will talk later, but that never happened, even after 100+ ingame days.

You're just jealous because the voices are only talking to me.
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  3. So I just finished the game

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