old strategy guides still viable?

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  3. old strategy guides still viable?

User Info: cstapleton

5 years ago#1
I have the original strat guide( I know I know), and I have Dan Simpson's guide (what is he doing now anyway?). Are these still viable guides or is the EE that different?

User Info: CaptainGordon

5 years ago#2
If your strategy guide shows you where to find certain party members, items or whatever... those should still be there.

Team suggestions and battle strategies may be outdated, as there are now extra spells, items, classes and party members to consider (Not to mention, new enemies and areas). There are game mechanics changes too, such as not being able to change armour during combat.
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User Info: Azalin

5 years ago#3
Only differences to the game are the new companions and their related quest. All other content is the same.

The Black Pit exist outside of the game, which is kind of a shame. I would have liked it to have been ingame with rewards that you could take out if you complete it.
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  3. old strategy guides still viable?

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