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User Info: thejestersheart

5 years ago#1
Basically guys, I want to be able to sneak around and rob stuff but be able to hold my own in a fight. Should i dual class at some point or should i man it from the start as a multi thiefter?

Any helps great

User Info: DarthSchubert

4 years ago#2
I would highly recommend being the thief kit Swashbuckler. It is practically a fighter thief, but you don't take the experience penalty.

A fighter/thief would be a better toe to toe fighter, but a Swashbuckler is close enough, and has some neat unique bonuses.
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User Info: ryuken87

4 years ago#3
You can get a more powerful end game character with a dual, but I'd take the multi for ease of playing throughout and you can pick a short race for the saving throw and racial thieving bonuses. I'd also take the F/T over the Swash for its increased combat ability and the ability to backstab.

User Info: KiThirsty

4 years ago#4
If you are going to ToB, then I think multi results in a more powerful endgame character. The thief gets use any item, and some of the epic thief traps are quite powerful. The fighter side will also provide some of the fighter epic talents. That is a ways off, but I also like multis for ease of play, as ryuken87 already mentioned.

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