Neera Sidequest

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User Info: Walczyk

4 years ago#1
So I finally beat the red wizards but Neera died in the battle. Does she speak to Adoy after in any meaningful way? I don't want it to be bugged if I just kept going (I beat them after 10+ tries, when Neera pulled off Cloudkill). I'd keep trying. I guess I'll keep an extra save and see if she starts opening up more. If not I'll try to beat it again.

User Info: Walczyk

4 years ago#2
So I just re-did it and Neera survived and the quest actually completed this time. To anyone having trouble, just make sure you have cloudkill, and two level 1 wild mage spell things memorized. Then before the fight use one to cast improved chaos shield (as well as other buffs that you want), and speak to Adoy with a melee fighter. The moment after he stops talking, and right before the red wizards teleport in, have Neera cast cloudkill right where Ekander shows up (top left). Pretty much everyone will die. Ekander will cast stuff on himself so he doesn't die as quickly as everyone else, and the wizard on the right side took awhile to die, but all the melee fighters died pretty much immediately. Win.

User Info: Walczyk

4 years ago#3
Bah, so there was a bug and I had to use the console to fix it, like others on the board had to. For anyone who finished Adoy's quest, make sure to check that the romance variable hasn't changed to 3, otherwise you won't get the makeout scene.

User Info: JuniorHigh

4 years ago#4
I beat them fair + square, prebuffing, killing the bodyguards first (they avoid tanks and go straight for Neera), then finishing the Ogre quick with Dorn on roids, and punching both Wizards to death with Offensive Spin - was satisfying but it took me a lot of tries and micromanagement to avoid the spells.

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