Anyone else see this kinda glitch?

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User Info: Rukario_hime

4 years ago#1
So, before I ended up finishing Abbadon, I was controlling Orlando's gang (cus, why not), and ended up coming across a Coal Billiken.
Having gotten my ass handed to me 2 times prior, I thought, "May as well try and Leroy Jenkins its ass."
Long story short, Li Hua got hit by an attack that missed Orlando during a Pair Attack, and countered alone. The counter missed the Billiken, tho Orlando immediately tried attacking after this happened. All he did was jump in place and flip his daggers a bit before the game got stuck with "Pair Attack" as the header. The animation of the Billiken still played, all of that didn't stop, but the battle refused to progress.
Tho, at least I got to study the Billikin's back before resetting. xD
Good thing for Auto-Save!

Anyone else encounter something similar?
~Shadow R/B
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  3. Anyone else see this kinda glitch?

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