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Other games like this?

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User Info: Col_Wilson

5 years ago#1
I love the concept of being in command of your own vessel, and I love this game. But most of the time, it just feels too... small. Are there other games where you have similar control over a vessel (whether it be naval or space), but on a bigger scale? By scale I mostly mean the size of the ship. 2D, 3D, any type of game, doesn't matter. I just love the this specific concept.

User Info: C_D_M

5 years ago#2
Infinite Space (DS). I didn't really like the story, but its gameplay is a lot like a scaled-up FTL.

User Info: Col_Wilson

5 years ago#3
I was thinking more along the lines of a game I can get on PC lol but thank you for the suggestion

User Info: red255

5 years ago#4
wasn't there an ancient star trek game?
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User Info: grand_commander

5 years ago#5
I think I know the one you're talking about. You can move from sector to sector, each of which is a grid map with stars and an enemy or two, right? I can't remember much, but I seem to remember there being "events" in combat such as informing you that some decks had been blasted, or something.

User Info: Aliyen

5 years ago#6
Starfleet Command 3.

User Info: The_Ghost_Song

5 years ago#7
Space Rangers 2. Get it naao.

User Info: MrBucket

5 years ago#8
I might suggest Infinite Space, like an above posted did. Its gameplay is not that great in comparison, though. But you command a crew of up to 5 ships in battle and get tons of characters (like, there's probably about 50 spots on your ship crew chart to fill and you'll still have a big surplus later in the game). The story is also pretty awesome.

Also, if you haven't tried it, I'd recommend Star Control II. It's not turn based (you pilot your ships in one on one battle against enemy ships) but there are elements of resource gathering, timing (i.e., you only have a certain # of years before the game ends), plot decisions (less RNG'd and less likely to totally screw yourself), and galaxy exploration. Also, because you're on a flagship, you can build an armada of vessels as you gain alien allies (you can't ally w/ all the aliens though, and some alien ships are only provided in limited quantity).

It's much easier to build the flagship in that game (which is customizable, unlike the alien ships) into an absolute terror, and the game is less linear and provides ****loads of save slots, and you can save or load as long as you're not in battle, so there's plenty of room for trial and error. All in all, the gameplay might not be quite as tight as FTL's, but the game has a pretty ambitious scope that it pulled of perfectly.

It's also old, and free. IIRC the developers put or allowed it to be put on sourceforge.
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User Info: 9cupsoftea

5 years ago#9
Star Control 2 is available free now under the title Ur Quan Masters. It's really good for exploring, there's loads of interesting encounters and races and a decent story (that was sort of ripped off my Mass Effect) but the combat is pretty horrible and nowhere near as good as FTL.

There's also that old Star Trek game where you command the bridge and give tactical orders in battles rather than take control of the ship, but I can't remember the name.

User Info: Blackest_Waltz

5 years ago#10
X3 - Terran Conflict sees you in a first person space sim, similar to Elite or Freelancer. You start out in a basic ship and must basically survive and build your empire. Along the way you can buy, claim or capture new ships, build a trading empire, fly a space trader... The way that it is similar to this is the sector based play and the fact its in space. :P
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