So, did this game sell well?

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User Info: YoungBenj

5 years ago#1
Online community is very dead and hardly you may find at least 4 people per race if not the same from the last race. Any news on that?

User Info: LinkinLawg

5 years ago#2
Hopefully with Wal-Marts $25 price tag on Black Friday, it got alot of people to buy it. I haven't really seen any sales figures released yet. But these boards are also very slow for a game that just came out.

I think it was a bad idea to release this so close to Playstation All-Stars. That games getting all the attention.
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User Info: pipo_snake_jc3

5 years ago#3
We need to start doing some more 2 vs. 2 this week, TC. I'm off Wednesday and Thursday. You know damn well who this is.
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User Info: Emoney244

5 years ago#4
It sold abysmal... sadly.
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  3. So, did this game sell well?

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