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User Info: puppetmaster654

4 years ago#1
Are there more than just the one stock racer body or do more appear throughout game play? I don't mean full cart like the egg one or tank but blank bodies like the first cart to start customizing with?
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User Info: JKiii

4 years ago#2
There are a few but its quite rare, my story progress corrupted on me (but not anything else oddly) So i can't tell you how many there are but i do remember there are at least 3
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User Info: JudgeSpear

4 years ago#3
You can change the suspension of any kart by going into the Kart Parts page in the "My Karts" section of the Popit. If you want a blank body to work with, select the base "Paper Arrow" body and change its suspension. Once you unlock everything, the suspensions you can choose from are:

Low Rider
Monster Truck
Tank (with treads)

The shape of the body will change to match the suspension.

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