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User Info: JuJitsu97

4 years ago#1
I've decided to write down a few neat rules any creator should follow in my opinion. I've encountered them all while creating tracks myself.

1. Plan out your track first! - Having planned out, maybe drawn the track/arena/(whatever your imagination can come up with), it will become much easier when creating. Planning out how the layout of the track will be, like dividing it into sections, planning out major props and certain unique gameplay sections. THIS IS THE GOLDEN RULE!!

2. Save, Save, Save! - The save button is always your friend until you forget it and get fed up. Remember to save all the time, definitely in this game as unfortunately there exist many flaws in which the game freezes. Do it more and more often as the more you include in your creation the harder the game will handle the content. THIS IS THE OTHER GOLDEN RULE!!

3. Track Rule: Put a lot of work in your tracks handling! - If your track has lots of tight and unexpected turns or too many obstacles blocking your way to the finish line, don't expect positive audience. Take a healthy amount of time, testing that every turn feels natural and not... unnatural or overly complicated. Also be alarmed that it is very important to NOT have your track built up of turns, but add a good amount of straightness in your track. The straight sections are great for placing small alternative routes and weapon pods making the player think strategically. 'Will I go for a quicker route or collect weapons to blast the sh** out of someone in front or behind me?' But always remember, you want the player to PLAY the track, not let them drive around anywhere they want. Don't make it too simple either, as I think I speak for any gamer when I say that we all want a challenge.

4. Arena Rule: Size and freedom are two extremely important factors! - If your arena covers the whole map, there will be very little excitement for the player. Opponents will rarely meet upon each other and few hits will be dealt out. Be careful that your arena is the perfect size, not to large or to small. Also, place a careful amount of props and obstacles in your arena. You want the player to have freedom while driving, not panicking and crashing through every turn as the are obstacles in the way.

User Info: Jkool

4 years ago#2
Another VERY important one is Put arrows or chevrons at the turns! I raced great tracks that I did not even want to finish because they were missing the arrows! That is an instant fail for me & MANY others! (This was an unwritten rule in MNR!)
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User Info: pipo_snake_jc3

4 years ago#3
5. Having custom weapons on your track while in create mode will increase freezing activity. If you're going to have custom weapons in your track, make it one of the final steps.
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User Info: storm_17

4 years ago#4
I've hit on all those points while working on my first track, which I'm trying to make very realistic and look like one you could see in real life. So far so good lol.

Also, I found out that you're limited on the amount of dynamic objects you can have, so keep that in mind while planning/creating too. You can have a LOT, but don't plan on making every single item in your level dynamic. A meter for that would have been nice next to the meter that shows the overall amount of space left. The only way to tell if you've hit the limit is to run into one of the latest dynamic objects you've placed and see if it moves. If it doesn't, you'll have to delete some or make them static. Sorry if everyone knows that, just wanted to point it out if there's people who don't.
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User Info: Liquid_Frost

4 years ago#5
where/how to lay the weapons? or are the tracks just racing against the clock?
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User Info: storm_17

4 years ago#6
Liquid_Frost posted...
where/how to lay the weapons? or are the tracks just racing against the clock?

You can adjust the type of race in Global Settings, and I think weapons are located somewhere in the tools tab of the Popit, but I'd have to check to be sure.
"In order to finish first, you must first finish." /// 14-time GTRC winner
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User Info: nordwest

4 years ago#7
6. Don't use more different materials than you need, ideally five or less. Just like LBP1/2, lots of differing materials will fill your therm really fast.
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