So is slapping pointless?

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  3. So is slapping pointless?

User Info: Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly
4 years ago#1
Just got this game and I'm coming from Modnation racers.

Slapping doesn't seem to do anything. Am I wrong?
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User Info: pipo_snake_jc3

4 years ago#2
It moves the slapee away, but they don't spin out or anything like that. If you know how to sideswipe, you know how to slap, but it's nowhere near as effective as sideswiping.
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User Info: chadchu1

4 years ago#3
It gets you slightly ahead of the person you're slapping. I don't know whether it actually slows 'em down or the reason they get a little behind is just because you're making 'em swerve but it's useful sometimes.
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User Info: Starkiller1000

4 years ago#4
If you like annoying the **** outta people, then yes.
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User Info: LukePlayer

4 years ago#5
It's hard to learn to use, but I've maneged to knock someone off the track (if they're close enough to the edge). It's also just the right amount to make them miss an item or boost
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  3. So is slapping pointless?

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