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User Info: Ramner84

4 years ago#1
Used to play modnation racers. I finished the tutorial, I'm just not starting to play. Is there any way to download Karts that people have made like you could in Modnation racers? Is there a way to customize my own other than just the cardboard options?

User Info: JKiii

4 years ago#2
Customization in terms for yourself in LBPK is extremely bad. Cant share outfits or karts, placing stickers on any irregular shape object makes it terrible. And worst of all the data is saved under game data not your save file, so you cant back it up, and if your ps3 fries so does your saved stuff (Only good thing about this is, if your save file corrupts, which does have a chance of happening, your created stuff will still be safe).

Customization in terms of levels is what LBPK really shines high above Modnation.

Just Like modnation, as you progress through the game you'll get more options for your kart and player
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