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User Info: DevourerofLove

4 years ago#1
Is this game doing okay? I had ModNation. Wasn't bad but the controls were a bit looser than MKW got me used to and the AI was even more aggravating as well.

Is this worth $20? The LBP games usually get re-releases that include a lot of the DLC too. I'm a bit on the fence about buying this.
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User Info: Movie64

4 years ago#2
Eh. It's not bad, but it is a pretty cheap and the controls are loose. Honestly, if you want a kart-racer then you probably should buy either Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing or you should save up and buy its sequal Sonic and All-stars racing Transformed. But anyway, if you can deal with its problems, twenty bucks is a steal.
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