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User Info: Moropa

4 years ago#1
So my sister bought my son this game for Christmas cause he loves LBP.(disc)
And I decided to get the digital version while it was on sale so he can swap between his games easier.

The Problem is after the Digital version was installed and launched it treated it like hes never played the game, Progress for everything is at 0%
I checked the Saved data utilities folder and I see his old save titled "Little Big Planet Karting" and there is now also a "Little Big Planet Karting - Digital"
So when he plays with the disc it accesses his progress up to now, but launching the Digital version hes going to have to start all over.....

Is there anyway around this or have I just missed something?
MH3 IGN: Runa ID# 65PT14


4 years ago#2
Same here.

User Info: o0o_Shadow_o0o

4 years ago#3
Sadly there is no way around this, Almost all save files from disc versions of a game do not work on the digital versions or vice versa.

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