Looks like the Server was fixed up

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User Info: LukePlayer

4 years ago#1
No patch needed, but I noticed these changes:

1. Alert when players enter/exit group

2. Voting at end of level now has 1 story-mode level, 2 community levels (used to be 2 story, 1 community)

3. Online community tracks from voting (see #2) now has a larger range of community tracks, rather than just the first few "Cool Levels"
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User Info: AirBorneCoffeeT

4 years ago#2
It makes online play much more fun. Thumbs up to the LBPK team. : )
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User Info: HwoarangExpert1

4 years ago#3
Just tried online using quickplay for about an hour an was really fun and had a full room, alot more enjoyable with more community levels in the voting.

I bought the game at launch and felt like I got kicked in the junk when the online was so broken and also when it was offered for $10 digitally, but hope they continue to work on it to justify my $60 purchase.

might need to make it free for PS+ to boost the community
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  3. Looks like the Server was fixed up

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