Bridge in Mean Street North

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User Info: moneyhead64

4 years ago#1
There's a vertical bridge in Mean Street North with a fireworks sign just before the projectors. Should I activate it with fireworks? I don't want a "thinner" reaction if it gets destroyed or does something bad.

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#2
I suggest waiting for a gremlin to offer to repair it in exchange for scrap metal. Exploding things will destroy the area, and the gremlins will be mad, and charge you more for other repairs.

You can even wait until after you finish the main game and see the credits to come back and do these extra things.

You can get scrap metal, money, cloth, health, paint, and thinner by spin-attacking things that shimmer -- like chests, saw-horses, bright green plants, boxes and crates, lamp posts, boxes that have stuff in them, mining carts around Rainbow Falls, shovels, blue balls in the Floatyard, some flowers, magician’s top hat, tombstones propped up, flower pots in Blot Alley, tables and chairs in Blot Alley, gears lying on the ground, 5 junk piles in the second part of Disney Gulch, thin a cactus in Disney gulch and spin the red fruit; in Autotopia, especially when you need health you can thin the trees and spin the 3 fruit that fall (drop anvils on the pressure plates), spin the gas cans!

A good place to get scrap metal is at the construction site on the end of Mean Street North that is near where you entered from the Underground Tunnel. There is a boarded-up building, with an orange area that can be thinned. Thin it, go down the inside of the building, thinning, and spin what you find, left and right, and jump up, thinning a building and spinning the chests there.

GO back into and out of the Underground Tunnel, and everything will be set to spin-attack again.
- - - -
You can play another "new game" slot doing the destructive slot.

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