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User Info: moneyhead64

4 years ago#1
I already finished the Thanks for the Memories quest using Moody's path and now I can't take pictures for Rigger to get his pins. I made it up to the part where he wanted a picture of the train in Disney Gulch and when I tried to go back there to see if I could get the picture, Rigger was randomly there and I had to save him from Spatters.

How can I get Moody to go to the other areas so I can get his pins or am I locked out of this now because I chose Moody's path?

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#2
The pins will show up in other places, stores, or for trade at the Pin Trader.

There is, also, the pirate with the compass to seek out. When I did it, he was on the other side of the gulch, beyond the junk bridge, across from the screen. He gave me some pins, and the pirates said they could not find any pins, because it was late in the game and I had most of them.

It took me over an hour at the Pin Trader's to view my pins and check out which I didn't have, and go search for them.

(After I had played the game for two weeks, I bought the Prima Guide that lists the pins.)

In other words, after you complete a quest, the pins for the other path in that quest show up in stores, or elsewhere.

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#3
THE MAIN THING IN THE MEMORIES QUEST is to not press the "A" button too quickly, to hurry through the dialogue. Otherwise, you will agree to something that will end the quest -- when you really want to press "B" to go on to more places.

I did not know how much he was going to charge, so I collected a lot of money. In the end, it was only $25 per pin -- and, because I had so many pins, they soon said they hadn't found any pins in the area.
- - - - - -

For people who choose to do the Rigger Greene path of the "Thanks For The Memories" Quest:

In OsTown, there is a pirate, named Rigger Green, leaning against the framework that is holding up a water tower. His cousin, Moody, is inside the house. Talk to both of these pirates, then click on the Quest entitled "Thanks for the Memories."

I think the Moody path is the easiest, but I have done both.

If you choose the pirate outside (Rigger Greene", he will send you places to take pictures of things. When taking a picture that is part of a quest, after you activate the camera and point at the target, if you are pointing correctly, the sight inside the frame will turn green, and you will press the "A" button to take a picture. That picture will not count as one of your camera's six shots. (You can take the picture, again, to put it in your album at the camera shop.)

AFTER TAKING THE PICTURE, you must return it to Rigger Greene, before you can take the next picture -- even though you may know what it is and be there.

AFTER TURNING THE PICTURE IN, Rigger Greene will ask if we should go there.

SAY NO !!!

THEN, he will suggest another place for you to go to take a picture.

Rainbow Falls;
Disney Gulch;
Fort Wasteland;
- - - -

AFTER YOU GIVE HIM THE PHOTO OF AUTOTOPIA, you have to agree to meet him there. This is where I found Rigger Greene and Moody:
1) AUTOTOPIA: the area with 2 pressure plates.
2) FLOATYARD: the DEC entry area with the turtles, only a picture of the pirate ship is necessary.
3) Fort Wasteland, there are several spots where the clock will turn green, including the top of the axe.
4) DISNEY GULCH PART 2, AFTER THE TRAIN: I took the train to the second part, and crossed the junk bridge. From the projector screen, I crossed an accordion to a ledge with a blue chest, and went down to a ledge. There were the pirates AND Scurvy Pat with his compass.
5) ROUND CONTROL ROOM AT RAINBOW FALLS: to the side by the accordion lift.
- - - -

User Info: moneyhead64

4 years ago#4
Thanks for all the help. I finished the game today with all the sidequests and collectibles that I was able to achieve. It would take me too long to get the required gold/bronze/silver pins to help buy more pins & finish the Awakening quest. I also missed out on some costume pieces because I couldn't find more cloth easily anywhere.

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#5
Once you have played the game, and had what experiences there are to be had, there may not be any reason to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, just to get trivia.

If you decide to come back, here is something to help:
You can get a generic pin from each cartoon if you are wearing the Steamboat Willie Costume. Taking a film from the Mean Street Cinema will warp you to a place. Look at the screen you just came out of, and spin it until it has both heads on the left side, then enter --
except the Disney Gulch part 2 with the tongue AND the Ventureland screen that is non in the system have it on the right.
Later, take a screen back to Mean Street Cinema, spin around 4 times to see the Mickey face and be asked if you want to go to the Mean Street Cinema.
- - - -
For Cloth.
Blue cloth is worth one; gold cloth is worth one hundred.

Collecting Cloth:

Most of the clothing at the Hat Shop does not need to be bought. You will get it in blue chests, as you play the game. The only outfit I recommend is the Steamboat Willie outfit for Mickey -- because it allows you to see pins in the 2D cartoons.

They say that you can collect more cloth and get a better deal while Mickey is wearing the Little Tailor costume.

There are places throughout the game that you can get gold cloth -- worth 100.
The quickest and easiest are:
On Mean Street South, above the detective agency, next to the hat shop.
(Thin the area, then pull over the boxes by the round underground manhole.
On Mean Street South above the fire station -- if you go around to the right, it is on a ledge, behind.
On Mean Street North, beside the camera shop. (I paint the ledge underneath, then ride Oswald around to get it, then drop to the ledge below to leave.)
On top of Moody's house, in Ostown. He is the one beside the thinner tank, with a pirate outside, and he wants his house painted blue. (Thin a lot of the top of his house, and double jump above the door, then to the roof. Thin until you see it.
- - - -
When you are collecting Easy Money around the Bog Easy Store, you also get a lot of cloth.
- - - -
Easy Money! You can Access Bog Easy through the theater, without playing a cartoon.

Start in Bog Easy, in front of the store.
Thin out the big orange thing in front, and there is one chest there.
Go left, and spin the crate there, by the part of the building that is sticking out.
Paint the building.

Jump on the roof and go toward the rock wall, and up to the right back corner.
There are 3 chests there (and maybe a top hat on the way). Things are easier to see if you have the brightness on your TV turned up for games.

Coming back, THIN THE TRAP DOOR IN THE ROOF of the store.
Drop down.
Use your door opening button which will drop you into the store.
Don't move, just use your door opening button again.

End of round one. Everything is reset, and you are over 100 E-Tickets richer!

Keep doing it and it will become routine.
Move right to the chest, right to the crate.
Double jump to the roof, but don't fall into the trap door while going to the three chests !!!

Got it made!!!

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