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User Info: Aura_4_Life

4 years ago#1
So, when you beat the game you go to the Epilogue right? You don't get a new game plus to play through again to pick up what you missed by playing differently. Does that mean it's impossible to complete all of the challenges? You can only get Off Track by shuttering the stations that means you can't fix them, and you can't complete that quest or get Perfectionist.

What I'm asking is is it impossible to have a fully complete list of challenges, since the completed ones don't carry over in any form? I'm about to start a new file and I want to know for sanity's sake. I've got the Prima Guide and I'm trying to figure out the best way to play through this game, I'm playing the Wii version btw and I've already gotten halfway through a file.

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#2
BEWARE OF THE PIRIMA GUIDE. If you follow it, and use the things you find, you will not be able to sell 20 items to the museum, and get the "One Toon's Trash" Quest, or the Perfectionist Challenge. Be inventive.
(But, there may be a glitch if you take a Deed there, but everything else is game.)
- - - - -
Now, to answer your question:
Yes, it is impossible to get all the challenges in one game slot.

BUT, it is possible to complete the game AND get all the quests, and the "Perfectionist" challenge.

I am using the Nintendo Wii, too, but all the games have the same story, and only one challenge difference.

As you have already figured out, to do all the quests and get the Perfectionist challenge, you must fix the train stations -- fairly quickly, because too many earthquakes will do irreparable damage.

(After I had owned the game for 2 weeks, I had so many problems that I bought the Prima Guide. It has many mistakes, including the number and whereabouts of the trapped gremlins, but, it is useful in other respects.

Enjoy! Come back and see us sometime.

User Info: Aura_4_Life

4 years ago#3
I've read about the problems with the prima guide. I've written out a list of the items I plan to use for One Toon's Trash; what items did you use just out of curiosity? I know the best time to finish it up is after you get the Clothes Make the Spatter quest.

I'm using the Prima Guide along with the FAQ on here and other pages that list pins and challenges, and making notes. lol it's an awesome game but takes planning.

the thing I find funny about the Challenges not being able to be fully completed is that in the prima guide it says there's a challenge you can get by completing all of the others yet that is impossible? Is that another instance of the prima guide being wrong or is that an actual challenge in the game, and if it is it supposed to be completed? XD

As fun as the game is it is sort of confusing, but I do love the Epic Mickey series.

Thank you for the answer! Now I can relax a little more playing the game!

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#4
Items for “One Toon’s Trash”

(remember you can enter and leave Ventureland, before completing Bog Easy, to get stuff and buy an anvil.)
DO NOT SELL THE DEED TO THE MUSEUM, because it may cause a glitch, later.)

1-- Melting Ice Cream can only be purchased before you fix the A/C;
1-- Ice Cream Cone
1-- Pipe to fix the transporter in the construction zone (79-B);

1-- Fake Gear for the forge to fix Donald's Boat;
1-- Real Gear -- fix the boat later;

1-- Teddy Bear only counts as 1; Thinking about it, I had to give the Teddy bear to Horace’s Assistant to get the spatter flower costumes / discount tickets.

1-- Original Flower Costume from the Fort battle; (or, maybe give it to Clarabelle to get access to more costumes)
5-- Flower costumes from the Mad Hatter for Clarabelle OR the discount coupons she gives you (everytime you give her a costume, she gives you a discount coupon for a particular store);
4-- About 4 Ethnic costumes for Ian's spatters in Blot Alley;
1-- Thank you note via Clarabelle;

1-- Stradivarius Violin;;
1-- Toon Fiddle;

2-- Clock Hands;

4-- 4 pieces of Captain Hook’s Costume;
1-- Giant Black Pearl, but not Treasure from up on the cliff
1-- Compass;
1-- Map of Tortooga;
1-- White Pearl of Wisdom – found in Autotopia;

4-- 4 Tires from Autotopia?

User Info: Aura_4_Life

4 years ago#5
Thank you for the list =3 I think I can put a good one together from that. I'm about to start playing again on my new file; my first one is like half finished but I messed up way too much in it, plus I was confused about achievements carrying over or not so, now I can have some fun with it. Thanks again ^^

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#6
DO YOU HAVE A WAY TO PERIODICALLY SAVE GAMES ... so you will have a place to fall back to???

On the Nintendo Wii, it is a pain to go to and from a place, like the underground, to get a "saving icon".
Then, I quit the game.
Put the EM2 on my SD Card.
Put my SD card into the computer and transfer the SERE folder onto my computer (10 mb). And label it so I know what the "data.bin" is for.

It is a pain, but really comes in handy, because there is no "Control + Z", to go back just a little way.

I do not know about Sony PS3 or Microsoft 360.
I wish I did. It would save people a lot of heartache.

User Info: Aura_4_Life

4 years ago#7
I do since I've got my laptop and my SD Card so I can do that. Suppose that'll help while I try to figure out this game lol the Autosave feature was one thing I was hoping they wouldn't use again XD Causes way too many problems.

User Info: Aura_4_Life

4 years ago#8
Feeling VERY accomplished. Just got to Ostown and was able to get a picture of the Hidden Mickey behind Ortensia's house after struggling with it in my first run. Very pleased =D I even took pictures of me getting it with my camera just so I can show everyone how lol!

User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#9
You're coming right along.

In my first couple games, I was taking pictures of Mickey, and it took me over a half hour -- after I used a map and found and thinned the area -- to get the picture.

I thinned all the houses, and stood on the raised roof thing. I went to the roof and awning of the Gag Factory, and had THE BEST VIEW, ZOOMED, and still it wouldn't recognize it. I thinned Moody's blue house, and no luck.

The most aggravating thing is that you cannot walk with the camera.

So, it is really an accomplishment that you found the "sweet spot".

For me, it was to the right of the Mickey, almost to Mickey's house, and I activated Oswald to get him out of the picture. I thought it was a bad angle with most of the Mickey out of the frame -- but the sight turned green.

So, I know how much work it took for you.

(Other times, if I have completed Episode 1 Oswalds, it will never turn green!)

Congratulations, again!
You've come a long way.

User Info: Aura_4_Life

4 years ago#10
Thanks ^^ I was just messing around seeing if I could get it and I was very happy when I did.

I got pictures of it. I suppose making a new board to get people's attention would help. Hope it's alright linking to the picture

The top photo I took right after I had snapped the hidden mickey and got credit for it, but I hadn't moved the camera at all so, this is the exact position it was in when the sight turned green and I took the picture.

The bottom picture was after I pressed one to back out of the camera, but, again, I hadn't moved a step from where I stopped to take the picture of the mickey. You can see Oswald's ears in the bottom left, so he wasn't between me and the picture, which might help; I have the ability to go into co-op mode but didn't have to as I got lucky when he jumped on the roof behind me and stayed there.

Ortensia's house had been thinned out and I got this before finishing the pumps quest, but after getting the pump off her roof and repairing the train station.

I'm just very happy I was able to get it after fighting with it on my first file lol

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