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User Info: thejoecool

4 years ago#1
So after you beat the game can you start the game over? or do you have to make a new file?
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User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#2
After you "beat the game" with its 3 episodes and 3 bosses, and see the credits, you enter the EPILOGUE.
When you look at the "pause menu" you can see where you are, and what your assignment is. From the pause menu, you can see various pages of what you have, how far you are in your quests, and how far you are in your challenges. The game keeps going and going.
- - - -
If you want to actually change something, like how you deal with a boss, you have to go to the start menu and choose a "new game" slot. Or, if all the slots are taken, delete a game, and make it a new game.
- - - -
In Epic Mickey 2, after the credits, you just continue what you were doing, with the same money, sketches, items, finished bosses, and ending cutscene in your extras menu. This is opposed to EM1, where you lost everything but your pins and film reels, and had to beat the bosses again.
- - - -
The Nintendo Wii allows me to save games on an SD card, and put the data on my computer, so I can come back to a point in time.
- - - -
In the Mean Street Cinema, you can warp to places you have been.
In other places, you can spin the projector screen gear to see a picture of Mickey to return to the Mean Street Cinema;
you can spin it so both heads are on the left side of the screen, and you can collect a film reel from that side, to make your warp from the Mean Street Cinema free.
- - - -
AUTOTOPIA: From Main Street North or the Mean Street Cinema, you can return to Autotopia and repair it, and do something.
The area with the lower projector screen has a gremlin in some trees by a green car. Thin the trees to make them flat, and talk with him about a garage and racing.
- - - -
There are lots of things to do in the Epilogue, that you could not do during the main game.

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