Just bought the guide.

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User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#1
Before you say WHY DO YOU NEED A GUIDE FOR SUCH AN EASY GAME and mock me, let me state that I collect game guides for games that I enjoy, mostly for the artwork and so forth.

But since I also like helping my fellow Mickey fan - any question that you ask I shall use said mighty guide to help you if I can.
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User Info: Kcrack

4 years ago#2
Is this the Prima guide? I have mine coming in the mail, how is it? Does it cover everything in the game?
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User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#3
So far, yes. Every collectable, pin, challenge/trophy. You name it.

I have one issue with it so far. If you play along with it ver batum (I already beat the game so I decided to do a full collectable run), it FORCES you to irrevocably f*** things up. Allow me to explain.

When you get to Main Street South and can visit the emporium, courthouse, etc. etc:

It tells you to thin out the haberdasher's hat to get the threadbare pin. Great. But then it tells you to go around the house to thin out the AC Unit generator thing behind the haberdasher's house to get a silver pin. Only after that step does the guide say

Oh by the way, if you do it the thinner way and not the paint way that we didnt mention at all, the haberdasher will charge double for everything in his shop for the rest of the game.

Alright guide, clearly I'd rather have non-marked up costume items than a SINGLE silver pin. So why'd you even tell me that I COULD thin that out? Or at least mention that opposite second? So now for that tiny mistake, I have to start a new game to avoid ridiculous cloth-farming.

There's quite a few instances like this one and for a game with sooooo many missables, it gets really frustrating. Read an entire chapter before you tackle it with the guide so you can take in all the little warnings that it provides much, much too late.
Playing: Epic Mickey 2, Pushmo, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale
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User Info: katydiddd

4 years ago#4
Thanks, we can sure use help on the other Epic Mickey 2 gamefaqs and gamespot forums, too. This is where disneyinteractive sends us to, but there is no staff who answers, and most of us are lost.
I have 3 questions:

1) So, how do you get blue paint/water in the fountain of OsTown, so the turnstile is covered and you use the two sets of transportation tubes below? The gremlin keeps saying he is working on it...
- - -
2) And, how do you disable the four railroad stations that are in the challenges?
- - - - -
3) There are two exits from Ft. Wilderness to Floatland, and 2 exits from Floatland to the Boss Fight. When I do one, I cannot get access to the other, so I am missing a DEC or film in one, and a film in the other.

In Fort Wasteland, if I do the friend thing, and get access to the Movie Projector behind the boarded up door, I cannot use the DEC to come back. I can go to the beginning of Floatland and enter the DEC, but it does not give me credit on the challenges, and I cannot get past the wooden gate that gets powered by a TV or electric ball, hit by pies and raised going the other way.
I even looked for a fireworks bomb to break the Ft. Wasteland wall, but no luck.

I can get all 5 DECs and only 14 of the 16 films, or I can get 15 films and 4 DECs.
- - - -
It was hectic for me in the beginning, having the rocks moving in the air, and I missed a star, before I knew it was a challenge. But, in Epic Mickey 1, you go all the way back to pick up anything you missed, even in the castle that is later destroyed. NOT IN THIS GAME. After the credits, I was on Mean Street. I started the game over. -- and have done so a few times.
- - - -
Thanks, again.

User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#5
Ah sorry mate. I'm visiting a friend for the weekend and left the guide at home, forgetting all about the fact that I posted this! I'll be glad to look up and answer your questions on Sunday though, when I get back.

And yeah, the missables are so frustrating. In fact, due to the "choice" mechanic (which they really should've abandoned altogether in my opinion) - you can only get "some" of the pins legitimately. The others you have to shop for or hope you get them in mystery bags. These kind of dichotomy choices really frustrate me in video games, since I'm an anal 100% completionist. This is why I hate Pokemon. Choose one Pokemon to start with. You'll never get the other two EVER, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.

But at least you can recover the pins you missed with a bit of luck on the mystery bags. It's the pins and trophies you miss with absolutely no warning that I find frustrating. I've started the game over 4 times already myself. The first time you discover Oswald's electric remote ability, if you take the paint path, you miss a trophy. If you don't complete the next area in co-op, you miss that trophy.

The more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm thinking a guide IS absolutely necessary to finish this game with any degree of completion. Glad I bought it now.
Playing: Epic Mickey 2, Pushmo, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale
PSN ID: Call_Me_Queequeg

User Info: SouthSideBilly

4 years ago#6
Why would you think that this game is easy? It's not and as for the guide they made a few errors in it, Like mentioning what was inside a projector level one of them including a Pin which did not cover where inside that projector level it is, It didn't even say you need to wear a Steamboat Willie costume to obtain it..... But I'm sure there's one in there. The problem with Prima Guides lately is that the Authors are so damn lazy that they just rush the releases of their guides now. The Guide failed to give you a heads up that their the Horace needs An Assistant Quest can expire if you thin out Pat Scurry which i didn't know that up until Horace said he doesn't need Mickey's Help which screwed up completing the Quest so he didn't even bother with getting an Assistant......

But we need a FAQ for this game on here but it's the same as it is with Prima Guides Gamefaqs Walkthrough Author are so damn lazy or they think the game is too easy to need a FAQ On here for and i disagree with that....

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