Are the EA servers down?

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User Info: Brummie_lad123

5 years ago#1
I cant seem to connect!
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User Info: Raz176

5 years ago#2
I keep connecting, then not being able to find an opponent, disconnecting, connecting, finding an opponent who disconnects, rinse and repeat.

Very frustrating considering EA are such a huge company and it's the first weekend. When I've got games going, the latency has been fine, but I've been sitting here waiting for a match for a while.
GT: Raz86

User Info: Kounse11or

5 years ago#3
Just keep trying.. You should be able to connect eventually.
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User Info: dj_emz

5 years ago#4
They were suppose to be down for 2.5hrs last night for some maintenance in ultimate team.

EA said this on twitter.
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User Info: Jurdge

5 years ago#5
Was fine for me at the time this topic was posted but got disconnected from them whilst in the gold cup final about half hour ago.
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  3. Are the EA servers down?

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