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User Info: Gothic_Tease

5 years ago#261
sniperfox29 posted...
What you need to get is seeded, and then you might avoid a group of death scenario.

Only problem is to get seeded, you have to get further in the competition, which you won't do if you keep drawing all the better teams in the group stage.

Catch 22 if I ever saw it.

What can we do about it?

All in all, referee decisions aside....

..We should have held on to win 2-1 against RM.
We should have beat BvB with that momentum.
We should have gotten 6 points against Ajax.

But we didn't.

The money, the team... The commentators said it well though - We're a worse team than last season. De Jong and Johnson gone. Sinclair and Garcia in. That's stupid as sin.

Mancini needs to remember what won him the PL last season - 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-3-2.

Nastasic honestly looks solid.

Maicon is good. If we could get a 3-5-2 working well, He would be great.

Sinclair .... I don't even know.

Rodwell... .......................

User Info: Gunner_04_

5 years ago#262
Szczesny – 6 – Won’t have many easier games. Barely saw the ball in the second half, but made a decent save in the first period when he came out to deny Charbonnier when through on goal. Kicking was a little suspect at times though.

Sagna – 6.5 – Steady performance from Bac. Didn’t venture forward much in the first half but supported the attacks more in the second period.

Mertesacker – 7 – Untroubled at the back, won his headers and showed some nice skill at the other end, turning the defence inside out before his shot was blocked.

Koscielny – 7 – Made a couple of basic errors to give the toothless away side a sniff at goal but hit the bar with a powerful header in the first half and made some important tackles. Great to see he's finding his form again. Definitely think him and Mertesacker are our best CB partnership.

Vermaelen – 7 – Involved in the first goal as his cross found the head of Giroud who knocked down for Wilshere to finish. Comfortable at the back and got forward on several occasions.

Arteta – 6.5 – Relatively quiet game from Mikel. Did what he had to do and did it well. Seems to have gone off the boil a little since Jack’s return.

Wilshere – 7.5 – Very sloppy early on as he gave away possession cheaply on several occasions, but improved as the game went on and we saw some trade-mark turns and runs. Took his goal very well and it was great to see him bursting into the box to get on the end of the knockdown. Can't wait till he's back to his best again.

Cazorla – 7 – Showed some beautiful footwork once again but was on the end of some rough treatment from the visitors. Not much to say.

Podolski – 8 – ****ing amazing goal. Stunning volley shows how lethal he is in front of goal. Overall great display, finding form again.

Chamberlain – 6 – Pretty quiet overall. Kept drifting into central areas in the first half but stuck to his touchline more in the second period. Nice run in the build up to the second but would like to have seen more from him.

Giroud – 8 – He’s becoming a real handful. Works his socks off up front, wins his fair share of headers and grabbed two excellent assists. Also was unlucky not to get himself on the score sheet. Improving all the time.


Ramsey – 6 – Did OK.

Coquelin – N/A – On too late to make a real impression.

Gervinho – N/A – On too late to make a real impression.

Overall decent performance, could have been better, but we're through to the knockout stages and that's what matters,
"Cesc wanted to go home, back to his family and friends. My family and friends are 20 minutes away. Arsenal is my home." - Jack Wilshere.

User Info: T3rraRizin

5 years ago#263
From: Three-Eyed-Crow | #420
Gothic_Tease posted...
Gotta say though, it would be nice to have a whipping boy in a group stage.

I'd love a Montpelier. A Nordsjaelland. A Lille. A Braga/Cluj/Galatasaray.

That's only for the big clubs.
PSN - MrT3rrar ;P

User Info: Sicario001

5 years ago#264
Good game tonight, first half was pretty poor. The second was good though. The Montpellier fans were great, despite having no chance of going through they were always lively.

Giroud was brilliant tonight, not sure how his performance came across on TV, but you notice his movement a lot more when there, and he is looking like a nightmare to deal with. Two assists, the second was spectacular.

Still gotta work on that defense, at times it had me worried. Gibbs is coming back though, which is brilliant news.
I'm doing fishsticks you know, it is a very delicate state of mind.
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User Info: EvilMeatBallNL

5 years ago#265
The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Leonardo da Vinci

User Info: Three-Eyed-Crow

5 years ago#266
EvilMeatBallNL posted...

When was that?

User Info: EvilMeatBallNL

5 years ago#267
Three-Eyed-Crow posted...
EvilMeatBallNL posted...

When was that?

Vs Juventus on Wednesday.
The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Leonardo da Vinci
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