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User Info: EvilMeatBallNL

4 years ago#31
Latest betting on next Chelsea boss
20/1 John Terry

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Leonardo da Vinci

User Info: Gothic_Tease

4 years ago#32

You can all criticize City with our money and buying titles and being crap in big competitions but we'll never be as big a joke as this.

I feel sorry for the Chelsea fans, first time I'll say that. RDM took over from that wreck that AvB left and won the biggest trophy in Europe. And gets sacked after the first bad patch this season - They were top of the Prem for 9/10 of the season and have lost it a little now..

...But with the City game next week, we've got a very high chance of winning and really letting the Manchester Clubs run away with it once again.

Doesn't your sugar daddy really love Torres? RDM's decisions to not include him probably have something to do with it.

User Info: YiddosRule

4 years ago#33
Hughes will be next out the door, followed by Mancini with another major flop in the CL.

User Info: Gothic_Tease

4 years ago#34
Trying to think of the reasons.

Chelsea will likely become the first holders of the trophy to go out in the Groups.
Is it now 4 or 5 games in all without a win?
RDM cost them the game in Juventus.
The WBA game.
The John Terry Scandal
The Clattenburg Scandal

Man, if Rafa comes it, certainly seems like he wants to not only build the team around Torres but the whole damn club hierarchy.

User Info: EvilMeatBallNL

4 years ago#35
I think the board never wanted RDM as manager but they didn't really have a choice after the CL so they give him a chance and fired him at the first 'bad run of results'.
I still a stupid decisions because RDM was playing without Lampard and Terry and he was still 3rd in the league.
The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Leonardo da Vinci

User Info: Twin-Blade

4 years ago#36

I'm out yo'.

User Info: mccalledin

4 years ago#37
It has to be Rafa, we are talking about FACTS.

How raging would Matt be if they got Conte lol.

User Info: Sicario001

4 years ago#38
Lolololololololol Chelsea getting the manager the fans don't even want.

So despite winning the CL and FA cup he was in charge for only 262 days.

Joke club.
I'm doing fishsticks you know, it is a very delicate state of mind.
XboxLive - TheDrunkITGuy

User Info: Mafewww

4 years ago#39
Why the s*** would they get Conte!?
~ Vincere non e importante, e l'unica cosa che conta ~
XboxLIVE Gamertag: Mafewww

User Info: Gingarito

4 years ago#40
Chelsea are fast becoming the laughing stock of english football. There owner thinks there owed something and if they dont get it hes just gonna sack the manager. haha what a joke club. If i was a chelsea fan (one that didnt just start going when abramovic took over) i would be embarrased.
There are good games there are bad games then there is haze. Never point out my spelling I dont care.
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