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User Info: Ace_0f_Spades

4 years ago#61
Since Terry is always injured, why not make him player/manager?

I mean for all the crap hes done... dudes a leader.
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User Info: ShadeXH

4 years ago#62
Feel bad for the guy, he doesn't deserve this.

User Info: Gingarito

4 years ago#63
ShadeXH posted...
Feel bad for the guy, he doesn't deserve this.

Dont feel too bad he will be getting a nice big pay off dont worry about that
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User Info: Val_Jester

4 years ago#64
Terry/Lampard co player managers.

On a side not...I don't want Drogba to come back. His story had a perfect ending.

This is actually worse than AVB. His time was up. Not all his fault but he had to go at the time. But this is the worst move they could have made. Of course I said firing AVB was stupid but if firing RDM means someone comes in and manages to win another double then fine by me.

And even if he is getting paid its sad about who he his and his legacy at the club. Was already a Chelsea great. Fan favourite and the players loved him. He was cool and rarely made a mistke. 2 things I can think of he screwed up. Playing weak teams last year in the PL (which didn't matter in the end) and yesterday. Wins a double that nobody would've ever saw coming. And he gets fired.

Ancelotti and AVB had worse rough patches and they got til the new year at least.

User Info: ShadeXH

4 years ago#65
Rafa Benitez has been appointed Chelsea manager for a two-season deal.

User Info: sniperfox29

4 years ago#66
ShadeXH posted...
Rafa Benitez has been appointed Chelsea manager for a two-season deal.

According to Sky Sports he's just till the end of the season.
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User Info: ClaudeGTA3

4 years ago#67
Rafa doesn't deserve the hate he's getting from Chelsea fans, joke fanbase
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User Info: gSephiroth93

4 years ago#68
The only thing that makes me happy about Rafa coming to Chelsea:

Torres should be ecstatic. And I love it when Torres is ecstatic

As for Mata, Cesar, and Romeu. It never hurts to have a compatriot manager
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User Info: Gunner_04_

4 years ago#69
Replacing a fan favorite with a manager the whole fanbase hates lmao...

But still, Rafa Benitez with an unlimited budget = LOL can't wait to see how this turns out
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User Info: A_Long_December

4 years ago#70
This is not going to make a difference to Torres whatsoever.
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