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User Info: Gunner_04_

5 years ago#31
From: A_Long_December | #020
Buy Bony, Gunner. You will not regret it. In in my 4th season as Vitesse and he's at 87 OVR.

What a ****ing beast. Just finished scoring a hattrick on his debut in the Community Shield.
"Cesc wanted to go home, back to his family and friends. My family and friends are 20 minutes away. Arsenal is my home." - Jack Wilshere.

User Info: Val_Jester

5 years ago#32
Started the 3rd season with Fulham and a lot has changed. Won the Europa league.

GK Muslera 86
RB Riley 78 (bought him from Madrid)
CB Badstuber 85 (10m from Munich)
CB Kalas 78/ Santana 78
LB Cresswell 80
CDM Mvila 85 (8.5m)
CM Gardner 79
CM Cabaye 85
RW Labyad 79 (6m)
ST Doumbiia 85 (15m)
LW Tosic 82

Sold Briand to Marseille for 12m replaced him with Labyad.

Bought Roux for 6.5m sold him for 30m to Munich a season later

User Info: Three-Eyed-Crow

5 years ago#33
Started a career with Villa for fun. Immediately sold Bent, Guzan, and Ireland and bought these lads:

RB - Joe Riley (65)
LB - Aaron Cresswell (68)
GK - Jack Butland (70)
RM - James Forrest (73)
ST - Yassine Benzia (63)
CAM - Younes Belhanda (82)

--------------------------------Given (79)----------------------------------
Riley (66)-----Vlaar (78)-------------Clark (75)---Cresswell (70)
-----------------------Petrov (75)---Bannan (74)-----------------------
Forrest (74)---------------Belhanda (82)-------------N'Zogbia (76)
--------------------------------Benteke (74)--------------------------------

I just drew my first game of the season 4-4 away at West Ham. I really like the way the team plays.

Benzia's going to be a special player and I also want to sign his mate Lacazette. Also going to raid Ligue 1 again to sign Kurt Zouma from St. Etienne and maybe a left-sided winger (either Tabanou or Alessandrini) but I'm really interested in signing Gary Mackay-Steven.

In a season or two, I'm planning on picking up Witsel and Pogba for what will undoubtedly be a monster of a partnership.

User Info: Gamerboy006

5 years ago#34
Three-Eyed-Crow posted...
Chicharito is toss.

Try him on UT. You won't regret it. Put him up front with Welbeck in a 4-1-2-1-2 and you will have about 4 wins to 1 loss if you are a total noob. A skilled player could probably go 10 to 1 with those 2 and a solid defense.
Mods are asleep, post Ponytas!

User Info: Gamerboy006

5 years ago#35
BTW, there's a guy called Julian Draxler, plays for Schalke. He's young and grows quite high in later seasons. Get him...

Mods are asleep, post Ponytas!
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