Fut chemistry question

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User Info: Mafewww

4 years ago#11
Is he listed as a CAM in your game? And correct formation?

Also, manager nationality makes no difference whatsoever. Nor does whatever league they coach in, etc.
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User Info: OmisanAndrew

4 years ago#12
He was shown as a 7 even as i moved others around him. The I gave up and went on to win a gold tourney without him. I noticed that Milito was a 7 and i switched Milito and Cavani from left to right striker. They were both now a 9.

So i figured i would try changing Suarez positions around if he showed up as a 7, i put him in as the last Uruguayan and he was a 9. So i guess they get stuck at lower chem sometimes.

So nationality of coaches has no affect on anything, just their formation i guess. Lame. And ya i noticed there was not a change from having Italian coach to Uruguayan.

But i can confirm that 9 chem players have higher stats than are shown on FUTwiz or other.
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User Info: _jin_jin__

4 years ago#13
Chemistry and Morale affects your ingame stats slightly, so its best to have 9 chemistry for all players and keep your morale high. Your technical stats go up tremendously with 9 chem. Your stamina should go to 90s too
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