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User Info: TMM_Whipsy

4 years ago#1
So I am new to UT and it seems very hard to get funding to start. I don't need the best team or anything. Just looking for tips on how to make some coins starting out to afford contracts and eventually improve my team over time. Thanks!

TMM Whipsy

User Info: atsuipantsu

4 years ago#2
play games, use the coins you win to buy 400 coin bronze packs, apply the contracts to your players, sell the rest of the items, rinse, repeat.

and build a team with 100 chemistry. pick a league or country and go with it.

User Info: cheese_game619

4 years ago#3
f*** off its hard

some moron i know was talking about how he just started ut and in his first few packs were mata and walcott and s***

they baby you for being slowpoke and only starting now

User Info: mccalledin

4 years ago#4
If you've already played the other FIFA's you should be able to go to the EASFC shop and buy coin bonuses which give you 500-2000 coins extra for about 10 games. Or you could just use what you have now and trade with it. In the last week I've gone from 320k to 570k.

User Info: joe greezy

joe greezy
4 years ago#5
Buy low then sell high is the only trading advice you need.

Build a cheap and effective bronze team to win the Bronze tourney a few times for quick coins (Polska Liga is the best) use those coins to build a cheap silver team to do the same in thesilver cup (Liga MX, Argie silvers or Spanish silvers will all get the job done for dirt cheap), use those coins to build a cheap gold team (Liga BBVA, Bundes and Eredivisie all get the job done for cheap) to win the gold cup, featured cups seasons etc.
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