Question for Chelsea fans

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User Info: A_Long_December

4 years ago#11
This board is not a good example of people who know about football

I get what you're saying but most fanbase have a decent number of morons

Also it's ridiculous to think anyone would base a fanbase off the posters here

User Info: Exar Kun

Exar Kun
4 years ago#12
EvilMeatBallNL posted...

This. He can go to hell.
Months on and I still can't believe this is what we dropped Robbie for. Hopefully Roman and the board haven't completely scared off every credible alternative from considering the job.
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User Info: EvilMeatBallNL

4 years ago#13
Mourinho said: 'After Real Madrid I want to manage in England. I love everything about it. Normally, that would be my next step. I want to finish when I am 70. That's because I enjoy this so much.

'I won't replace Ferguson because we will finish career at the same moment - when he will be 90, and I will be 70.'

I really hope that United beat Real Madrid so that Jose gets fired at the end of the season so he can come back to Chelsea.
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User Info: mccalledin

4 years ago#14
How hard are Chelsea fans for Mourinho?

User Info: Val_Jester

4 years ago#15
mccalledin posted...
How hard are Chelsea fans for Mourinho?


But evil, I don't know why you even care. You just started supporting Chelsea last year. What do you even know of Mourinho era Chelsea? Other than what you've read.

Chelsea fans don't want him back because of what he did or what he has done. He's the only one. RDM would have become a great manager. But Mourinho was perfect for Chelsea. Plus there's nobody else good enough that would even consider it or be given the time.

Jose would. I don't doubt Roman would bring him back. Just wouldn't be surprised if the board f*** it up.

User Info: hardman2k7

4 years ago#16
mccalledin posted...
How hard are Chelsea fans for Mourinho?

Not a Chelsea fan but it's understandable. To come to a club that hasn't won the league in 50 years and win the most competitive league title in the world in your first season is incredible.
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