UT scammers.

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User Info: wiseguy100

4 years ago#1
When trying to play online UT games tonight, I had 3 different people invite me to a party chat with the intention of scamming/hacking etc'.

Do people actually fall for this stuff?
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User Info: PainoGamer

4 years ago#2
Probably, I never had someone try to scam me yet though, what did they say?
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User Info: imran_666

4 years ago#3
been invited to many partys and when you enter they are talking with their friend about duplicating players, i play along until its time to hand over the player/coins then quit the party.

User Info: Zaron9

4 years ago#4
All it takes is one sucker to make it worth it. Same with Nigerian email scams.

User Info: WashedUpGamer

4 years ago#5
i got scammed one time last year... they took 3 good players of mine if i remember correctly
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