story discussion, anyone? (spoilers)

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User Info: reikyu

5 years ago#1
Finished the game, saw both endings.
I think it's safe to say that we're dealing with Silent Hill-esque symbolism here: not everything is as it seems, maybe nothing is. Maybe it's all in his head.

I think the gist of it is the girl was his girlfriend or wife (or someone equally close to him). She died of an illness (much like Mary in Silent Hill 2) and he refuses to accept it. He even goes as far as to remove her from his memories. Depending on how he deals with the loss (i.e. going through the game) his mental health improves or deteriorates. If he reacts with violence, killing a lot of monsters, giving Hank the pills for ammo, etc. he'll curl up further and further into his twisted psyche until he commits suicide (blue ending). That way, however, he's with her (I interpret them being together in the blue ending as the afterlife).

If he tries to work around monsters, favours social interactions (the cat, Chie, etc.) he gets the Green ending which basically means he accepts and rationalizes the loss and moves on. At the end of the Green ending he is slightly aged, but still alive (and alone, since she's dead).

The man in blue (blue ending) represents his violent impulses. The man with the box represents his meditative side. Both represent himself; the man in blue IS him as an older man. I don't know if the box man is him too, because the game doesn't give that kind of indication. However, the man in the box is an accurate representation of him "living in his own box" and refusing to acknowledge anything that's outside of his mind. Maybe the box man is a symbol for "reality" - he is showing him the way he really is. Whereas getting close to the man in blue means getting more and more tangled up in his own sick mind.

I'm stumped as to whether the infestation really happened, anyway. Maybe it's all in his head, and it's meant to represent his harrowing view of the outside world without her. Once she died, he shut himself off and feels safe only within the confines of his room (or his mind). Similarly, venturing outside is a terrifying and potentially deadly endeavour. After the first encounter with Chie at the party I had the idea he was really killing innocents believing them to be monsters, but I don't think that's really the case. The others do not seem to acknowledge the monsters however - see Benzido's reactions, or some of The Director's answers. Only Hank seems to share his world vision.

I also can't find a place for The Director, Hank or the White-Faced man. Some have said White-Face is another projection of himself. I can't find any grounds for that, honestly.

He may be in the hospital the entire time, or maybe the monsters are real and he escaped. Maybe it's all in his head and he's revisiting those places in a dream while physically he never left the hospital (and taking the final pill actually wakes him up?). It's actually pretty remarkable to be able to toe this line between dream and reality and leave the interpretation completely open (full-on dream or 100% reality are both feasible explanations).

In Silent Hill, monsters are a projection of one's own inner fears and weaknesses. While most of LS is inspired by Silent Hill, it's also a lot less explicit with its inner workings, so I'm not taking that explanation so readily. Obviously a lot was left to interpretation. However, the Silent Hill references are so heavy throughout that you could almost think he wants you to take the mechanics of Silent Hill for granted.

Whatever the truth, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I hope Jasper adds a couple endings like he said he would to clear at least a few things up.
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User Info: reikyu

5 years ago#2
much like Mary in Silent Hill 2

before anyone jumps in on this...I assume it's OK to post SH2 spoilers?
Because that's not exactly what happened and I know the same may be true for the protagonist of Lone Survivor. The thought struck me a few times (Chie's cold attitude at the beginning?).
"Most men complacently accept "knowledge" as "truth". They are sheep, ruled by fear." - Sydney Losstarot

User Info: Kaitengiri

5 years ago#3
Actually, what I got from it was that this was all a dream of a desert area, like Iraq or something, in the middle of war, and that this is all his dying dream. There are constant flashes back to the entire city but covered with sand rather than flowers and grass. There's an article in 101 that claims a victim was torn apart in an accident involving a war, which confuses You, who thinks there is no war. But if you head to the East side of the street level, you'll see that the buildings are old in design and huge impacted damage. A lot of the streets are abandoned, boarded up, but there's hardly any sign of life and barely any of struggle. It might have been the aftermath of nuclear fallout.

The only thing this doesn't really jive with is the Green ending where she's in the bed telling You to live his life, but I know there's something to this underlying war issue, because the symbolism for it is EVERYWHERE. It might have also happened sometime in the past due to his comments on a few buildings looking out of place in time and old fashioned.
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User Info: Decoy2man

5 years ago#4
excellent writeup reikyu.
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User Info: William Birkin

William Birkin
5 years ago#5
I gotta say, not using pills and trying to be as good as possible (although I still got a rank F on my pacifist playthrough... maybe I should've pigged out more on good food? I kept saving it in case I seriously needed it bad...) and getting the Green ending I feel like a lot of the plot was lost on me.

Who is Draco, the guy with the diary pages? Is that you? I was always wondering this throughout the game. I originally thought killing monsters meant killing innocent people, etc. I kind of just assumed the guy was trippin' his balls off in a psychotic delusion and your rating at the end reflected that you went off the deep end. But, obviously that wasn't the case at the end. Also, the final boss being named "Mother" and getting to her through a School Bus, etc. does this mean anything at all or what?

Lots of questions about the overall plot, but I enjoyed the game as a whole.
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User Info: hiphopBB00

5 years ago#6
I agree with Kaitengiri, the background of this game look like some where on iraq. It mind me about nurclear.
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