Getting boring... needs mods

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User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#1
- Spellbook access every 3 or 10 rounds (it's a bore once your traps are set up)
- the entire spellbook scrollable on the in-game inventory bar (as above)
- 30 second break every third round after wave 24 (as above)
- unlimited / higher limit on Guardians / ballistae (25 are ineffectual after about wave 50)
- ice arrow upgrade option for archers and ballistae (would make them far more useful)
- exploding barrel upgrade for dwarves to replace their bombs (as above)
- permanent conversion of enchanted enemies at the cost of 100% mana with trinket (more strategy and less tedious)
- mushroom spore conversions scale with enemy health / damage (useless after about wave 24)
- flippers to flip all enemies (useless for the mountain / hag trolls spams in later game waves)
- void walls always catch all enemies, first time but have a trap limit of 2 or 3 at any one time (takes too long after wave 50 and without these, lava is the only other way to kill 'em)
- more resilient barricades (like paper in later waves and on most all maps they're essentially a wasted slot you must waste)
- paladins that scale with enemy damage / defence (useless after about wave 40)

The game needs some more options. It's boring once you realise pretty much any half- decent set-up will get you to 40, with 50 not that much harder and then it devolving into void walls or flipping them in lava. A bit more trap versatility would go a long way in this game.

Why no mods for this game? Seems it really is unpopular, despite its good TD game engine... must have been the lack of local coöp. Figures.

User Info: AtmosOmega

4 years ago#2
They really just need a level customizer.
Lets the player select the number and type of waves, where they spawn and when.
If you don't like what a gaming company is trying to force upon you and the market, don't buy that company's games.
Cruel DRM can only flourish if you let it.

User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#3
^ There are files ("onslaught") provided at the official site that allow for adjustable wave sizes etc. Sadly, this only works for the first game. Someone over there reportedly made 10,000-troll waves! lol

Really wish this game had have had Dungeon Defenders' popularity, as it's the better of the two games and has far more replay value potential with mods. But, alas...
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  3. Getting boring... needs mods

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