The game is surprisingly well balanced.

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User Info: Shaolinz0

4 years ago#1
I bought it today and after a day of playing, the game does seem pretty well balanced. I feel like Humans and Dinosaurs win a pretty equal number of times (maybe a bit skewed towards dinosaurs currently, but only slightly). Both sides also have a really different feel to them... The goal for the humans is to find and fortify a place and move as a unit, whereas the goal for dinosaurs is to try and scatter the humans as much as possible.

The individual classes are mostly very well balanced it seems. Every one of the dinosaurs plays uniquely and takes time to master, but they all can be very effective human slayers when played correctly. As for the humans, I feel like the only one a bit underpowered is the Scientist. She has next to no short range counters and seems to fall really fast in team fights. The only thing I would really change with her would be to increase the effect of tranq darts and make a few basic Sniper changes (i.e. make it to where she can melee out of a scope and give her a cursor flash when she hits things to know she's scoring a hit).

Overall, the game is excellent. Probably the best $15 you'll spend in awhile, and I think it is only going to get better.

User Info: unsung_visions

4 years ago#2
you might have your settings to low, because you should be seeing blood when you hit. my friend and I messed around with all the classes in a small game and her cattle prod does next to no dmg but it kills stamina. She is more of a support player like the pathfinder or the trapper.

Her and the Dilo kind of depend on others to get the good scores, though Scientist is my fave human class and if i see a group of rex's I'm deff. spawning as her :P
Playing "Low Health Mode" or "Hardcore" is the equivalent of playing chess, only every piece is a Queen. " Game Player05"
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  3. The game is surprisingly well balanced.

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