Spiderman Logos for unlocking costumes

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User Info: Tech3099

5 years ago#1
Hey guys so I've seen the youtube videos clearly showing me where the logos should be located for me to snap a pic of with my camera.

However the logos are not showing up at ANY of the locations. I've tried the date change trick, online and offline with no success.

Do I have to beat the game first for the logo to show up?

User Info: FeanorEru

5 years ago#2
Yes, I have no idea how to unlock costumes on PC... The only one I have so far is the black costume from the Raimi saga. Actually the only one I really want is Scarlett Spider.

Anyway I like the default one. At first I didn't like this new suit but now I think it looks pretty cool.

User Info: krish311

5 years ago#3
1) Scarlet Suit - Collect all 700 comic pages

2) Future foundation - complete all Oscrop secret laboratory missions

3) Negative zone - complete all outdoor missions (petty crime, extreme reporter challenges
Bringing back infected and mental
patients , car chases etc)

4) New Amazing Spider man Black Suit - Complete the game 100 %

5) Cross Species Spider man suit - By Completing the game in Any difficulty

7) Raimi Classic Red & Blue Suit -This texture mod replaces the Sam Raimi Black Suit in-
game but it's using TexMod so it is not permanent.
The Black suit is unlocked after completing mission4 .
Download Link:

Link and Rar Password (Case Sensitive): H1Vltg3

8) Big time suit - i don't know how to unlock it

User Info: krish311

5 years ago#4
i missed 6

6) Sam Raimi Classic black suit - It comes after completing Mission 4
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