Game was released in alpha state. Don't buy!

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  3. Game was released in alpha state. Don't buy!

User Info: shogo10

3 years ago#1
Unless you would like to waste your money and your time, don't buy this. Unfortunately I did.

-Non functional AI, both squad and enemy AI are broken beyond belief just see this:

-You cannot order your squad to do anything, literally they will just stand around and follow behind you like lemmings until they die
-No planning phase like the good Rainbow Six games
-Which insertion point you pick means squat
-All doors are already open for you
-No tactics required, because the what the game gives you is too limited, too basic, just run and gun through the levels because that is all you can do currently.
-This is not the return to tactical shooter glory you wanted :(

Worst purchase I made on Steam so far, I wanted a tactical shooter instead I got an alpha lemmings simulator, don't buy, just awful in its current state.

User Info: PaperthinTV

3 years ago#2
Thanks a lot for posting this I was about to buy it but then I read your post and watched the video. This is an embarrassment to indie developers.

User Info: Russkie4700

3 years ago#3
This is such a shame. Why in the world would they do this to themselves? Were they so short on money that they felt they couldn't hold onto it any longer without releasing it into the wild for extra cash?

I mean, I realize they did their kickstarter a year ago and got about 221k from it (which isn't too terribly much depending on the size of the team... even if you were doing 30k a year for each team member, thats only 7 people...). I think they ended up hurting their own sales by pulling this, as first impressions last longer than games delayed to receive some extra polish...

User Info: LainiWeiz

3 years ago#4
I keep loading this up thinking "It must be me, I must be missing something" but I'm not :/
It's exactly as TC describes it.

They seem to think making you die in one or two hits equals tactics and depth.

A huge warning sign for me is that even now the game is in a folder called Early Access.
Weird, I don't remember seeing that on the page when I bought it ¬_¬

But even with another 6, 12, 18 months development this is never going to be anything more than a lacklustre Unreal mod.
I got it for £8 instead of £12 and I still feel ripped off.
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User Info: thanthen

3 years ago#5
Asking only $250k was stupid as hell for this type of game, and if you couldn't raise more then you shouldn't have bother making it in the first place.
Rock is fine, scissors are overpowered.
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  3. Game was released in alpha state. Don't buy!

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