Confused about path switching

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User Info: jeaves79

4 years ago#1
I did a search and i couldn't find an answer.

so i fully upgrated Jet-Vac (non lightcore). I know that i have to go back to persephone to switch his path, and it was my understanding that all series 2 skylanders would be able to switch, but it is not giving me the choice to switch. Am I doing somethign wrong?

User Info: KFrosty3

4 years ago#2
No you are not. every series 2 skylander can change paths. Jet-Vac, however, is a Newlander (A.K.A. New non giant character). because of this, he can't switch paths.

Series 2 skylanders are reposes of series 1 that don't light up. if there was no series 1 of the character, there is no path switch.
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