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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#1
This lists gives brief breakdowns of what each Skylander has to offer and how they play. Variants will not be part of this list since the attributes that are “better” for the variants do NOT significantly change the way the character plays. Lightcore characters will not be ranked since the Lightcore effect has no purpose in PvP. The list below also defines tiers for PvP. Kudos to the other users on GameFAQs for helping refine this list!

This is the first version of the Skylanders Giants character ratings topic for GameFAQs. Since we have a TON of new play styles with the addition of 16 new characters and 24 Wow-Pow powers, I expect discussion and changes will be needed. Unreleased S2 characters will have an asterisk next to their ranking to indicate speculations on how they will perform once we get our hands on them. For now, unreleased new characters and giants will not be ranked. Please feel free to discuss your comments and suggestions for improvement.

PLEASE wait until you see #1 before commenting.

-=-=-=-=-=- *E* TIER -=-=-=-=-=-

*44. Zap (Water)
- Pros: Fast & nimble. OK for laying down electric slime trails for damage and deterring foes with hazards. Electrified slimes will stun foes briefly.
- Cons: Terrible DPS on all attacks. Wave Rider is redundant, slow, underpowered, and hard to direct. Soul Gem (recharge health in water) upgrade is disappointing. Both upgrade paths are pretty terrible and do nothing to help Zap with his damage problems. No vertical attack range. Wow Pow power focuses on Wave Rider, which doesn't seem to help him with his damage output.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Slime Serpent
- Comments: Zap is just awful. He's very frustrating to play since all moves are very weak – he takes forever to kill anything! It's too bad, because his concept is kind of neat.

43. Whirlwind (Air)
- Pros: Somewhat efficient "caster" type character. Tempest Cloud can be effective for crowd control. OK campaign companion with Soul Gem upgrade that heals other players (Rainbow of Healing). Tempest Cloud got a decent Wow Pow upgrade that makes them independently shoot Rainbows of Doom, which leads to SOME increased spamming potential.
- Cons: Special Attack wasted on flight move. Effectiveness of moves relies on combos that are frustrating to accomplish. Plays like a support character and doesn't hold her own very well. Poor DPS.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Tempest Dragon
- Comments: Decent character for casual play, but can be frustrating if trying to hit your Tempest Cloud with your Rainbow of Doom to bounce rainbows. Ultimate Rainbower limits her options even further. The charge time and damage on the Rainbow Singularity is just not good enough. She is pretty terrible in PvP, where her attacks really fail to impress with any reliability.

*42. Wrecking Ball (Magic)
- Pros: Tongue Whap good for hitting enemies at a distance. Damage and AoE on chargeable moves is decent.
- Cons: Tongue Whap is slow and single target – even when fully upgraded. Getting Soul Gem upgrade (Enemy Slurp) makes you attack even SLOWER since you slurp/headbutt all enemies for the final blow. Forcefield Ball charge is VERY difficult to control and hitting walls with it will make you ricochet like mad and fall out of it, leaving you open to attack.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Ultimate Spinner
- Comments: Wrecking Ball is very frustrating to use. All his moves are slow and have some kind of wind-up or delay attached to it. Spinner upgrade path is the only one that makes sense, even though its focuses on his hardest move to use. Wow Pow upgrade turns him into a Disco Ball when charging... which looks rather stupid. He can deal decent enough damage at times, but cuteness does not make a strong character. Why did he get a repose in Giants?!
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#2
41. Sunburn (Fire)
- Pros: Does an OK job at layering damage in several ways. Flamethrower Breath will “push” enemies away, keeping them at a manageable distance. Immolation Teleport lets you choose where to go from a choice of four directions. Soul Gem upgrade boosts power of Phoenix Dash greatly on both paths (Flight of the Phoenix).
- Cons: Unfortunate recovery time at the end of teleport/charge moves is a BIG problem to overcome. Shines at short and mid-range, but has a severe problem with dealing damage long distance. Slowdown after powering up primary attack ruins any point of going down the Blaze Dragon path.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Flame Lord
- Comments: Sunburn would have been better with a flight move. As it stands, his moves can be very awkward. All his attacks can hard to avoid in PvP, but his recovery time almost ensures he will take equal damage in return. Sunburn did not age well into the second game. He is now completely outclassed by Hot Head and most of the rest of the field.

40. Flameslinger (Fire)
- Pros: His attacks and dash move leaves damaging fire burning for a few seconds (Pyromancer). Flame Dash creates a useful flame trail that can corner enemies and trigger an explosive nova if drawn into a circle. Attacks stack fairly well. Fast movement and attack speed.
- Cons: Cannot directly assault enemies effectively. Requires hit-and-run tactics to be effective. Column of Fire is more of a show move than an useful one – it's hard to find room to run in a circle.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Pyromancer
- Comments: Flameslinger seems to be good ONLY at range. In close quarters he starts to fall apart quickly. When fully upgraded, he can lay damage trails like nobody's business. Wow Pow ugprade (Speed Demon), gives him a second burst of speed that leaves a larger flame trail... but his damage output doesn't improve like some other S2 characters.

39. Chop Chop (Undead)
- Pros: Arkeyan Sword upgrades give great combos and much needed range to attacks (Vampiric Warrior). Vampiric Aura steals life from every defeated enemy. Shield can completely block an attack and lets you unleash a Shield Bash charge move. Undead Defender makes the shield bash stun enemies for a brief period. Wow Pow upgrade gives Chop Chop a lightning fast shield bash charge move.
- Cons: Terrible DPS. Arkeyan Shield is more gimmicky than useful, has a very small hit box, can't block AoE or splash damage, and still gets you knocked back when absorbing hits. Vampiric Aura isn't helpful in PvP. Bone Brambler is hard to direct and pushes you forward way too far – leaving you wide open for a counterattack.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Vampiric Warrior
- Comments: Pretty fun melee character, yet pretty ineffective. Chop Chop's Wow Pow upgrade has obscene damage considering damage on the rest of his moves. It's an improvement, but he still has problems. He still can be pounded into a corner way too easily.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#3
-=-=-=-=-=- *D* TIER -=-=-=-=-=-

38. Chill (Water)
- Pros: Ice Wall creates a somewhat effective barrier that has some useful utility once upgraded. Ice Wall blocks will freeze enemies if touched, which makes the wall very dangerous (Frozen Fury). Ice Javelins have decent range and repeat rate of fire.
- Cons: Call the Narwhal has a charge up time and is too easy to misdirect. Bouncing Ice Wall blocks with Glacial Bash is frustrating and nearly impossible to aim effectively. Triple Javelins help with DPS problems, but they shatter easily and are only single target once thrown (Ice Lancer). No vertical range.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Frozen Fury
- Comments: Chill feels like a ranged Chop Chop... and that's not a good thing. Chill has two defensive upgrades (Why?) - Imperial Armor and Cold Front. Both are available before choosing an upgrade path. Taking her down the Ice Lancer path increases her DPS, but it makes her an inferior spammer and should be avoided. Very clunky.

*37. Spyro (Magic)
- Pros: Versatile character with decent upgrades. Flight move somewhat complimented by Earth Pound. Flying around and spreading flame balls is moderately effective in group situations. Adding stun to his Charge (Blitz Spyro) helps ensure that Spyro doesn't get sucked in a melee fight that he WILL lose.
- Cons: Predictable, somewhat boring attack style. Daybringer flame (Sheep Burner Spyro) has hitbox problems and seems to explode at random. Low [repeat] damage on attacks really hurts his DPS. No vertical attack range. Losing the ability to charge out of flight mode after getting Soul Gem upgrade is disappointing. Wow Pow upgrade focuses on his Earth Pound, which is already very awkward.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Blitz Spyro
- Comments: Blitz path gives him some consistency with his attacks at the expense of some ranged damage. Spyro's new Wow Pow power doesn't help him hide that his damage output has now fallen WAY behind other characters.

36. Drill Sergeant (Tech)
- Pros: Decent ranged character with semi-homing primary attack. Auto-Blaster provides constant cover fire. Bulldoze Charge is crazy fast when fully upgraded. Soul Gem upgrade gives you a boost to your evade rate. Wow-Pow upgrade increases the firepower of the Auto-Blaster, which helps increase cover fire on both paths.
- Cons: Very slow reaction time. Damage output is maddeningly poor. Bulldoze Charge is harder to control than other dash/charge moves and has an inconsistent range. Both upgrade paths underwhelming. Very vulnerable at short range where his primary attack turns in a thrust that deals very low melee damage.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Megadozer
- Comments: His plodding play style gets repetitious and boring quickly. Without the upgraded Auto-Blaster to lay cover fire, he is pretty much doomed by full-on melee assaults. It's tempting to switch to Battledozer since the Auto-Cannon's cover fire improves on both paths, but he really needs the speed on Megadozer to be effective.

35. Boomer (Tech)
- Pros: Good splash and AoE damage character with fun DPS potential. Dynamite Toss explosion can be triggered remotely by holding attack button. Troll Bombs are strong and fun to mess around with. Bombs can also be dropped on the run to cover your escape from a fight.
- Cons: Not a very precise character. Effectiveness relies on attacking almost randomly or going crazy with attacks. Splash damage covers a wide area but said damage is low.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Demolition Troll
- Comments: Boomer didn't suffer too badly by not getting a repose in Giants. He's still a decent spammer, and the HP problem in the first game isn't as bad since the new level cap makes most PvP matches longer by default. Troll Smash is still very effective in knocking back enemies who get in your personal space.
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#4
34. Tree Rex (Life)
- Pros: Strong melee charger. Attacks deal high individual damage. Treefolk Charger increases speed and damage output dramatically. Invulnerable Woodpecker Pal deals free minion damage.
- Cons: Photosynthesis Cannon is a little too slow and weak to be focused on and has little purpose in PvP when fully upgraded. Speed is a huge handicap in general.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Treefolk Charger
- Comments: Photosynthesis Cannon is okay for taking pot-shots, but it's not the reason to use Tree Rex. He can reliably get in close to do a Titanic Elbow drop or Shockwave Slam... so let him! Unfortunately like most Giants, his lumbering speed will get him into trouble when trying to get in close to deal damage against anyone with a dash/charge move.

33. Swarm (Air)
- Pros: Melee Barb Blades switch to ranged shots when flying. Flight makes Swarm much faster and makes it easier to spam Barb blades effectively.
- Cons: Soul Gem upgrade fires a shot backwards and is a little underwhelming (Bee is for Butt Stinger). Overall damage output seems low for a Giant. Swarm Form is annoyingly slow, you can easily get hit while using it, and the damage output is terrible.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Barberous Avenger
- Comments: Swarm is OK at chipping away health, but he doesn't stand out as a good spammer. If you could fly in Swarm Form, that would be something. As he is, Swarm isn't really good at dishing out damage quickly... which is weird because he seemed to be one of the faster Giants. It is really tempting to focus on the Wasp Stormer gimmicks, but just don't do it. Swarm's DPS plummets and he becomes a sitting duck for ranged attackers.

32. Wham-Shell (Water)
- Pros: High "burst" damage melee dealer. Really impressive melee range overall. Starfish Bullets can be charged and will pass through enemies. Upgraded Poseidon Strike (Captain Crustacean) pours on the pain at melee and mid-range.
- Cons: Main melee attack forces Wham-Shell forward WAY too far - leading to rather frustrating aiming of attacks/combos. Starfish Bullets have crappy range and will simply vanish at mid-range. No speed/dash move makes it nearly impossible to deal with long-ranged attackers.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Captain Crustacean
- Comments: Wham Shell takes some getting used to. He travels forward the furthest of any Skylander when using his Melee attack. While this gives him amazing melee range, he starts to place himself in awkward positions. His combos aren't terribly special, but they can deal insane repeat damage if you have someone cornered. Unfortunately, you'll be too busy repositioning yourself to deal any stellar damage. Wham Shell really needed a repose in Giants. His play style needed fixing. Since he didn't get one, he falls behind yet again.
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#5
-=-=-=-=-=- *C* TIER -=-=-=-=-=-

*31. Eruptor (Fire)
- Pros: Attacks deal lots of AoE and splash damage – making Eruptor great at close and mid range. Eruption gives great crowd control potential and can shut down melee attackers. Wow Pow upgrade gives him a new projectile Lava Barf, which gives him a useful new traveling melee option. It seems this can be used to fake out opponents who think you're using the Eruption attack.
- Cons: Upgrade paths are very badly unbalanced. He's too slow to get in close consistently – which is his best position. Effectiveness of attacks relies on continuous damage, which requires you to get a little too close for comfort sometimes. Magma Ball is a disappointing special move – they have very little velocity of their own and are controlled by the terrain more than Eruptor.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Volcanor
- Comments: Needs to be a bit too close to deal really good damage... but to be fair it HURTS when it works. Eruptor could have been much better. His Wow Pow helps fix a gap in his attack style, but his speed is still poor and his damage output is still a little too situational.

30. Jet Vac (Air)
- Pros: Vac-Blaster has decent rate of fire and can pierce enemies (piercing on Bird Blaster only). Suction Gun has multiple upgrades that make the damage pile up quickly.
- Cons: Suction Gun seems to invite more damage than it deals out. Jet Pack has few useful upgrades and an unnecessary "fuel" limit that has to be recharged by waiting or using the Suction Gun.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Bird Blaster
- Comments: Jet-Vac is an inferior Gill Grunt. If you choose the Vac-Packeteer path, you'll be running away with Jet-Vac... a lot. The Flying Corkscrew move is nice since it turns on a dime, but without the Piercing Winds upgrade from the Bird Blaster path, you are going to get MOBBED all the time because you will be dealing very low damage from your primary weapon. If you run out of air on your Jet Pack at the wrong time, prepare for pain.

29. Crusher (Earth)
- Pros: Great melee smasher with better speed than you would expect with a hammer that big. Melee combos are useful and help with distance issues (Rock Grinder). Rockslide is a very effective way to get around the field and deal damage when upgraded (Rubble Master).
- Cons: Turn to Stone eyebeam leaves you wide open if you miss since it has a recovery animation. Fighting at point blank range can lead to targeting issues. Focusing on Rock Grinder path limits your mobility a bit, which can be a huge handicap against strong distance fighters.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Rock Grinder
- Comments: Soul Gem upgrade gives you a boost to your evade rate. Crusher is a very interesting Giant. Both paths have potential... but he needs the damage boost on Rock Grinder since his accuracy demands that he hits HARD when he connects. Still, he doesn't really have a "bad" path. Taking the Rock Grinder path makes Crusher a powerhouse, but Rubble Master is a bit more mobile. Tough call.

28. Ghost Roaster (Undead)
- Pros: Skull Charge is a very solid charge move. Chain Whip is strong and will spawn ghosts when defeating enemies. Ectoplasm Mode is a useful move and a great way to avoid damage. “Pulsing” Ectoplasm Mode can be a really annoying way to score cheap damage (Fear Eater).
- Cons: No vertical range. Ghost minions rarely spawn in PvP, so their secondary effect is wasted. You constantly lose health while in Ectoplasm Mode (understandable since it makes you invulnerable until you turn it off).
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Fear Eater
- Comments: Fear Eater is recommend to increase damage potential and avoid big hits. Otherwise, Ghost Roaster becomes too reliant on Skull Charge. Ghost Roaster's simplicity from the first game is lost in Giants. He is badly outclassed in the damage department.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#6
27. Stump Smash (Life)
- Pros: Strong melee character with good DPS. Meganuts and Acorns compliment melee attacks really well and can be directed with good speed. Acorns will slow down your opponents, requiring them to shake out of it. Wow Pow upgrade (Auto-Nuts) is amazing and turns Stump Smash into an effective mid range spammer. Meganut can be used as a mobile shield if maneuvered correctly.
- Cons: Stump Smash's melee attacks and movement are slow. Chasing down opponents is reliant on slowing them down with Acorns. No vertical attack range. Soul Gem upgrade (Waterlogged) is disappointing – it lets you float and recharge health in water.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Nut Crafter
- Comments: For a slow melee character, Stump Smash got an amazing Wow Pow upgrade in Giants. Nut Crafter is now superior to Smash 'N' Bash since you can spam Acorns ridiculously fast.

26. Terrafin (Earth)
- Pros: Fast melee character with average DPS. Earth Swim is an invincible and FAST underground dash move that becomes an even faster charge move on the Sandhog path – it's almost unfair how useful it is. Uppercut combo on Brawler can launch Terrafin a short distance and can be controlled, which can be very helpful. Wow Pow upgrade (Dive Burrow) allows Terrafin to fake out his Belly Flop and remain underground almost indefinitely.
- Cons: Feeding Frenzy is a terrible special move. It summons slow, low damage mini sharks that home in on enemies (homing on Sandhog only) and slowly deal continuous damage. It serves little to no purpose – even when upgraded on either path. Feeding Frenzy can also be fired when underground, but you'll out-swim it... so it's still pretty useless.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Sandhog
- Comments: Terrafin on the Sandhog path borders on unfair... even more so with his new Wow Pow upgrade. Bounce pads ruin his fun and force him to engage in melee chases. Without Earth Swim he wouldn't have much going for him. His damage output in Giants did not improve, so he's more cheap than effective now.

25. Warnado (Air)
- Pros: Auto-target, rapid fire, & ricocheting mini-turtles while flying is pretty good (Eye of the Storm). Spin Attack is a 360 charge move that also bounces off walls to help continue your momentum. Turtle Slam deals great AoE damage and flings mini-turtles in all directions.
- Cons: Summon Tornado has a wind up time, is slow, and stops as soon as it finds something to hit. AI on Wind Elemental (Wind Master) is poor and will only attack an each enemy once - which is a huge problem in PvP.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Eye of the Storm
- Comments: Warnado is pretty good on Eye of the Storm. The Summon Tornado skill (and upgrades) will elevator an enemy before dealing damage and dropping them to the ground again. While this is neat, it's more useful as a hazard than a useful attack. Like the other non-reposed Skylanders, Warnado's middling damage output caught up to him in Giants. He is much less effective than he used to be.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#7
24. Sprocket (Tech)
- Pros: Can lay effective traps on the field like Bouncing Betty Mines and Turret Gun-O-Matics. Mines have a proximity effect, and Turrets auto aim and fire at anything in range. The All Mines upgrade (Operator) lets you throw three Mines at once, which stops melee rushers from wailing on you. Mines can be sent flying with Soul Gem upgrade (Landmine Golf).
- Cons: Turrets take a while to set up, which can leave you open if you aren't ready. Entering the Turrets/Tank doesn't have much purpose since your maneuverability falls like a stone. If rushed without traps set up, Sprocket is in trouble.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Operator
- Comments: Sprocket's melee combos are quite good - overhead smash, small AoE knockback, and the third creates a ring of five Bouncing Betty Mines around Sprocket that will detonate on anyone who approaches you. The Gearhead path is fun, but not very effective since the tank steers like a bus.

*23. Prism Break (Earth)
- Pros: Well balanced defensive ranged play style. Energy Beam will tick damage multiple times when hitting opponents or Crystal Shards. Refraction attacks are neat and chain really well. Fully refracted beams are hard to dodge in PvP, which plays to your benefit. Wow Pow upgrade (Pulse Power) lets you pulse a burst of energy down your refraction chain.
- Cons: Fairly slow due to no dash/speed move. Setting up refractions with Crystal Shards can be frustrating – especially in tight spaces. Cannot defend against a full-on melee assault very well. He is totally screwed if cornered. Soul Gem upgrade (Shard Soul Prison) useless in PvP.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Crystaleer
- Comments: Prismancer makes his primary beam deal higher damage, but your refraction attacks don't line up as well – especially in PvP. Crystaleer path gives a big boost to armor which can help since he will be rushed a lot.

22. Sonic Boom (Air)
- Pros: Roar has great splash damage and spreads on the Siren Griffin path. Egg Toss spreads wide area damage (Medea Griffin). Baby Griffins are strong, numerous (up to four at once), and can be powered up further with Soul Gem upgrade (Resonant Frequency). Clipping enemies with your Roar attack while flying is very effective. Wow Pow upgrade lets you great a large baby griffin that seeks out your opponents.
- Cons: Very monotonous play style. AI on baby griffins can be spotty – they can get stuck and fail to follow you. They also die rather easily in PvP against some opponents. DPS isn't great since both her attacks are rather slow.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Medea Griffin
- Comments: One of the few character that can take full advantage of a flight move. Baby Griffins will take flight and follow you. It is important to note that creating a Super Baby does not count towards your normal baby griffin total. You can have a Super Baby and four baby griffins active at the same time!
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#8
-=-=-=-=-=- *B* TIER -=-=-=-=-=-

21. Bouncer (Tech)
- Pros: Bouncing Fingergun bullets is a pretty effective way to scatter damage. Upgraded I-Beams are strong and can drop Laser Mines (I-Beam Supreme). Machine Fingerguns let you spam your primary attack without button mashing. One of the fastest Giants.
- Cons: Rockets and I-Beam have a charge-up delay, which is kind of a bummer. Shoulder Rockets have additional delay before landing damage as well, which gives your opponents too much time to react. I-Beam overheats at unfortunate times and can be predicted by opponents who are paying attention.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: I-Beam Supreme
- Comments: Bouncer is a bit weird. All his attacks are decent, but you really have to keep bearing down on your opponent with the right move. It's really easy to give PvP opponents too much time to adapt to Bouncer's attacks. His Robot Rocketeer path is fun to mess around with in the campaign, but it doesn't serve much purpose in PvP.

20. Pop Fizz (Magic)
- Pros: Potion attacks can be rotated by pressing attack 3 (Exploding Potion/Walking Potion "minion" that attacks independently/Acid Puddle Potion that deals continuous damage). Beast form allows Pop Fizz to go on a melee rampage for a short time. Special Attacks in Beast Form can be very unpredictable (Best of the Beast!)
- Cons: Beast Form is almost useless on the Mad Scientist path due to the short timer. Lobbing Attacks can be a bit too random in PvP. Getting into Beast Form can be interrupted. Can be very frustrating to have the potion you want available when you need it.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Best of the Beast!
- Comments: Pop Fizz is an interesting character. Both paths have some neat tricks and synergies, but Best of the Beast! allows all of his attacks to shine together or independently. Unfortunately he can be rather confusing to use due to all the potion combinations.

19. Zook (Life)
- Pros: Shrapnel damage ensures that a wide area is hit with every shot. Cactus barrier is strong and can be spread using two attacks (Floral Defender only). Mortal Attack can be fired immediately after firing Bazooka for excellent combo scenarios. Wow Pow power (Target Lock) allows the Mortar more spammable and much more accurate than before.
- Cons: Bazooka tends to completely miss smaller enemies at point blank range (not a problem in PvP). Artilleryman path has a critical weakness at close range since Fungal Bloom barrier can be torn down quickly. Outclassed by Shroomboom, who is nearly identical in use.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Floral Defender
- Comments: Zook has great synergy with his moves and covers a rather wide pool of opponents very well. His Bazooka attack will deal damage in one of two ways – the shell will hit OR the shrapnel. Sometimes the shrapnel will deal more damage than the initial shell! The ability to spam his Mortar Attack and Bazooka back to back causes serious problems for anyone trying to close in on Zook when a barrier is in place.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#9
18. Hot Head (Fire)
- Pros: Flamefire Burst can be used while walking at full speed, which is good for bearing down on enemies. Oil Blobs are good projectiles that deal decent damage and cover your enemies in oil, making your Flamefire Burst deal more damage and tick damage over time. Fossil Fuel makes Oil Blobs turn into minions that pursue foes and cover them in oil (The Burninator). Sizzle Shower hits multiple times and really stacks up damage with a high critical stat.
- Cons: Sizzle Shower can be avoided too easily if you're opponent is paying attention. Hot With a Chance of Meteors (Oil Baron) is a stupidly underpowered chargeable attack compared to Hot Head's other available moves. Oil Blobs don't cover your opponent with oil at close range in PvP.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: The Burninator
- Comments: Hot Head's upgraded Flamefire Burst is what we all wanted from Sunburn in the first game. On The Burninator path you can spam it all day and still move around at regular speed. Hot Head's Soul Gem power (Hot Rod) turns him into a motorcycle. This gives him SOME speed, and is easy to transition into since you have to press Attack 2 while holding Attack 1. Since Attack 1 is the Flamefire Burst, this is an easy thing to pull off when you need it.

17. Hex (Undead)
- Pros: Decent caster-type character. All three attacks work incredibly well together. Compound Fracture makes her Wall of Bones deal damage as well as absorb it. Rain of Skulls attack not stopped by walls or height difference. Damage on Wow Pow upgrade (Skull Buddy) is obscene!!!
- Cons: Pretty underwhelming DPS, sadly. Phantom Orb attack suffers greatly at expense of her other two superior moves. If someone gets inside her Wall of Bones, she's in BIG trouble. Charging up for Skull Buddy is very risky because of the waiting period.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Bone Crafter
- Comments: Hex got a serious boost in power with her Wow Pow upgrade. It's tempting to call her "broken" because of it, but she still has the same problems she did before - she's slow, her regular move damage is middling, and she can't defend against melee well at all. If her Skull Buddy is up, WATCH OUT... but if you time your attacks carefully you can close in on Hex as soon as it disappears.

*16. Lightning Rod (Air)
- Pros: Moves have excellent coverage of melee and ranged attacks. Zapper Satellites rotate around you and deal constant AI damage to foes in range (Typhoon Titan). Zapper Field stacks damage with Zapper Satellites to repeatedly stun and deal constant damage to enemies. Wow Pow upgrade (Big Bolt) gives Lightning Rod a "lightning hose" of sorts that makes him even more dangerous at melee range.
- Cons: Lightning Bolt attack has a fairly slow repeat rate of fire, is single target, and relies too much on DOT to deal additional damage. Grand Lightning Summoning has long wind up time before firing and requires you to stand still. No dash/speed move.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Typhoon Titan
- Comments: This guy has a lot of useful options. For a ranged character, he can sure deal out the punishment at close range on Typhoon Titan. Lightning Lord deals insane damage with Grand Lightning Summoning when fully upgraded, but that damage is reliant on you standing still for WAY too long.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

4 years ago#10
15. Gill Grunt (Water)
- Pros: Great “sniper” play style with Harpoon Gun. Water Jetpack provides amazing speed and mobility to an otherwise slow character. Power Hose will “push” enemies back. Spamming the Neptune gun while hovering is really effective at spreading damage to cover a wide area. Wow Pow upgrade (Anchor's Away) makes his Anchor Cannon a triple shot spread attack.
- Cons: Has a real problem with rushing melee attackers. Very slow without Water Jetpack. Requires Reserve Water Tank to be really good.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Water Weaver
- Comments: Gill Grunt is the only Skylander that can launch all of his attacks at his enemies WHILE RETREATING. It makes him hard to catch and hard to predict. Gill's move synergy is still great in Giants. His Wow Pow upgrade is okay, but not a show stopper.

14. Dino-Rang (Earth)
- Pros: Spamming Stone Boomerangs is fun, fast, and can be remote controlled from safe positions. Boomerang Shield is very strong once upgraded and will continue to function if you are taking damage. Stonefist Traps are effective in slowing down foes or blocking paths while you fling more and more boomerangs.
- Cons: No speed/boost moves really hurts. Missing with bouncing boomerangs lengthens “reload” time (can only have two boomerangs on screen at once). No vertical range.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Grand Boomerang Master
- Comments: Dino-Rang is one of the few Skylanders that can hide from spammers like Drobot and still deal damage with controlled boomerangs. It's a cheap tactic that plays to his advantage. If an opponent is forced to close in on Dino-Rang, his Boomerang Shield will deal insane damage. He's not foolproof though - if he gets stuck on the low ground he's going to get annihilated. Dino-Rang made the transition to Giants just fine. It would have been wonderful to give him a Wow Pow upgrade, but he still does okay. His middling damage can start to be an issue against an opponent with really high HP... but it still works.

13. Flashwing (Earth)
- Pros: All basic attacks are spammable and have a good rate of fire. Shooting Crystals into walls creates a sentry that shoots crystals when Flashwing continues to attack (think of it like a delayed bouncing attack). These crystals with also heal Flashwing when she is close (Super Shards). Surrounded by Shards is a decent attack that flings crystals in all directions except forward.
- Cons: Attacks have low individual damage. Shimmering Spin is almost useless on the Super Shards path. No vertical range.
- Preferred Ugprade Path: Super Shards
- Comments: Surrounded by Shards doesn't get upgraded beyond the initial purchase, which is a letdown. The Crystal Lighthouse Soul Gem upgrade makes the Super Spinner path kind of pointless. Instead of a spinning laser charge move, you get a spinning laser sentry. Super Shards makes Flashwing much more versatile and gives her more staying power.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
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