Viable Builds?

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User Info: cyl26

4 years ago#1
Hi, I was thinking of making a Decker Mage but I heard magic and technology doesn't mix very well.
I heard technological implants weakens magic or something but do deckers need implants since they're just "hacking" into things?
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User Info: Mattheau

4 years ago#2
Hacking isn't some random skill check in Shadowrun. You can be killed while doing it.

Combining Decker and Mage skills is the worst possible combination of skill sets. Ignoring the issue you can't be effective at both entirely (beyond the implant issue, they have no synergy, meaning you will fall way behind any comparably developed character), it still isn't effective. Deckers cannot cast spells when doing their job, period. If Deckers aren't doing their job, then their skills are completely useless. Mages cannot use Decker abilities when casting, period. If Mages aren't doing their job, then their skills are completely useless.

Basically, all a Decker/Mage would amount to is a character that has the option of switching between an extremely underpowered Decker and an extremely underpowered Mage. This is still ignoring the implant issue.

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