This game is only 12 hours gameplay

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User Info: GodXII

4 years ago#1
Neogaf forum gamer said he beat it in 12 hours.

My view:

+ Nice design
+ Cyberpunk
+ Skills

- 12 hours gameplay

User Info: giocare

4 years ago#2
I don't get the DRM whining I keep seeing about this game. It uses Steam, just like countless other games and you don't see people making a big deal about it there. Is it because the Kickstarter promised a DRM free release? Anyone who backed in on Kickstarter is getting that, in addition to a Steam version.

User Info: zavlinz

4 years ago#3
If its a solid 12 hours then thats not the worst thing in the world. But if its 12 only if you exhaust everything there is to do.. and more like 8 for the average playthrough...meh...
As for drm, is it anything more than steam client?

User Info: SideshowBob311

4 years ago#4
Sounds like the kind of guy who would rush through the game, not read any of the flavor text or non-essential stuff just so he could finish and ***** about play length. I'm assuming this will take normal people 15ish hours.
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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#5
12 hours isn't too bad. I've payed a lot more money for a lot less gameplay. Sure I wish the game was longer but I have faith that others will extend the life of the game with the missions they make.

User Info: Karma313th

4 years ago#6
12 hour campaign doesn't bother me.

Especially with the first reviews saying the plot and writing in the campaign are absolutely fantastic, which doesn't shock me with the people behind Shadowrun's sourcebooks doing it.

The intent the entire time was for Shadowrun Returns to be like Neverwinter Nights where you got a campaign to show you what could be done, but the focus was on the user content. More so in this case, since they made a big deal out of allowing GM's that have run Shadowrun games over the years to make their campaigns available to the masses.

No doubt there's not going to be a dearth of good contact to play for many, many hours in the future.

User Info: Fizzle_Pork

4 years ago#7
How is 12 hours of entertainment for 20$ a bad thing?

Played the latest Tomb Raider? About 8 hours for 60$. Still a great game. Same can be said for MANY other titles. None of which were released with all the tools used to make it and a rabid community of fans already hard at work on content before the game even releases.

User Info: shunkeatenemy

4 years ago#8
He's missing the major selling point. There is a campaign creator. The main campaign was made with this tool. The community is planning on making tons of campaigns themselves for FREE.

This site plans on making many of the original PnP campaigns playable. Life on a Limb is already on steamworks too.
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User Info: XGalt

4 years ago#9
Ehh who cares if it's 15 hours. The game itself is $20 if you buy it full price. That means you're paying $1.33 for every hour of game play. What else can you do that brings you that kind of joy in the world of paid entertainment for that price?
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User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#10
12 doesnt bother me
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