What's the best way to enhance?

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User Info: FillNtheBlank

5 years ago#1
I'm pretty sure 2-5 is still the best place to get trash cards to throw at enhancements, but the amount of experience you get per level seems to vary widely depending on what you do.

For the most part, while I'm enhancing, if I use a full 10-card enhancement, I get about 2.5 levels out of it. However, whenever I run out of stamina and only have 5-7 cards to enhance with, it'll sometimes give me over 4 levels worth of experience.

Do you get diminishing returns on repeat cards? EG, if I use 10 Goblins, is that worth less XP than 5 Goblins and 5 Angels?

I'd really like to know why there's such a fluctuation in this. If there's a way to shorten the grind, I'm all for it.
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User Info: easycompany68

5 years ago#2
to save money evolve the cards all the way (4cards)

then enhance with 10 so its like 40 cards

aparently you get a slight less overall enhance on it (like 95% or something) but pay like a third the cost (give or take)

Example, when i do this with a card at level 1 I'll get 10-15 levels....when i get the execlent enhancement bonus (1 and a half) I reach like 20-21

I just did it too second ago, went from level 37 to 50 with 7 evolved cards (basically 28) but that was with excelent enhancement so if you say you get about 2.5 per 10, then you would get 7.5 with 30 cards so we're about the same but i think i payed like 12k rupess...less then a 1 k per level.

i'm new but i've tried it out and this seems really worth it...

User Info: redsoxaholic

5 years ago#3
The best way to enhance is to get 6 cards, and evolve them all into 3 +'s. Then enhancec all of them to max. Then evolve 2 of them into a ++ and enhance it. Then evolve it with the last maxed + and enhance the final form all the way. This is called 6-5, and it's the best way to do it for the best value.
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User Info: lilysicel

5 years ago#4
I've never used less than 8 of the same card to evolve/enhance with, making 2 fully enhanced normals, combining for a +, then combining two more normals for another +, enhance both of the previous +'s then combine for a ++, then repeat all of the above for an additional ++, enhance both then combine for the most attk/def you can achieve in final form.
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