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User Info: Crazy_Oz

5 years ago#1
I dont think its useful for everyone to start a new thread sharing his referal code, though thats what im doing here. So feel free to post here, I dont mind.

What you get at the beginning by using a referral code:

100k rupies
(This helps immensly, evolving and enhancement costs will never worry you at the beginning!)

Rare Card - Angelic Knight
A Rare card which buffs all of your creatures attack when used in battle

You can only use it once after the tutorial! After that you wont be able to use a referral code again, so pay attention and dont miss it!

You can use my referal code or anyone else's to get the bonus.

If you want to use mine: oeo74078

Thank you!

User Info: Ank_

5 years ago#2
My Code:

have fun

User Info: cyberpinoy

5 years ago#3

If you need a fellow and if I have space, feel free to add me. I'm WAntilles.
In vino veritas

User Info: DaveCMusic

5 years ago#4
Mine is ebv52028
I'd greatly appreciate it if people would use it :)

User Info: battleboy81

5 years ago#5
use my referral code: aey3270 it's good for you

User Info: baozangan

5 years ago#6

Appreciate it.
(message deleted)

User Info: nevyn_dracos

5 years ago#8
Uss69788 Thanx!

User Info: TehN00biE

5 years ago#9

User Info: samsnake123

5 years ago#10
Mine is: djo67544
PSN: Balisticgeneral
Currently playing: Ultimate MVC 3, Duodecim, Psychonauts
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