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User Info: XxnegoxX

5 years ago#1
I'm already lvl 23 but I read somewhere that its better to enhance a card before evolving it? I'm consfued what its the best way to go about evolving and enhancing to get the best stats of the cards is basically what i want to know. Please help

btw i also got these cards... 1 Gold Dragon and 2 Angel queens both with full maturity and I heard that they are used to enhance so what should i do with em??
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User Info: acpx97

5 years ago#2
gold dragon sells for 30k rupies
angel queen is 300% maturity enhancement... so 3 lvl's. save it for when you get into the higher level of your cards.

if you max enhance cards, 10% carries over instead of 5%. so yes, max enhance all stages would be better. only worth it from Rare and up.

User Info: XxnegoxX

5 years ago#3
Okay and what is the max enhancement level for a card?
"If I Get Knocked Down 6 Times, I Will Get Up 7"
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User Info: emishi13

5 years ago#4
I'll let someone else answer the enhancing question because I am not sure what the real answer is.. not sure if it is worth all the trouble enhancing before evolving.. also the cost of "doing it right" might make it even more not worth it.

As far as your question regarding the cards, the gold dragon is used to get 30,000 rupies (when sold), it is not really a good card to use to enhance... the angel queen is a good card for enhancing.. it gives a 300% bonus to the enhance.

User Info: Mythe00

5 years ago#5
The maximum level for each card depends on the rarity. The max level is 70 for ssr's and is reduced by 10 for each level down. Not sure of the level cap for legend cards, don't have any of those o.O

Each time you evolve, 5% of the previous stats are carried over, or 10% if you've enhanced the card to max level, meaning that enhancing before evolving will get you better stats. The worse kind of evolution you can do is just slapping 4 cards together with 0 enhancement, which will make the end card have only 86% of it's maximum potential stats. The best you can do is a 8-14 evolution, which means you need 8 cards and you have to enhance to max level a total of 14 times for a perfect 100% card.

I'd recommend you take a look at this thread, it probably has the clearest explanation of enhancing:

User Info: WasntxMe

5 years ago#6
While Mythe is spot on, there is the players Level to consider (23,) in which case I strongly recommend you DO NOT enhance any cards before evolving.

Your goal is to save rupies and feeders (any card under Pwr16, except for bunnies) and build a nice Deck of Pwr16s. Once you have cheaply and efficiently obtained that level, then you can build your deck up with Pwr21+ cards (which you can then use the expert advice of Mythe and company).

If you waste resources enhancing unevolved cards below Pwr21, which you will only use on a temporary basis, you will fall behind and only hurt your game in the long run.

The most efficient way to get ahead of course it to just buy max evo Pwr16-17s so you can focus all your energy on your top tier cards which you get from Events and lucky LCP catches, etc.

You may purchase the following with Powder at rock bottom prices compared to buying LCPs at $15 each where you might get 1 or 2 Pwr16+

I have multiple Max Evo Power 16s and 17s for trade
Wants: Holy Powder, or
Power 23+ singles

Available for trade asap (try to stay in your Realm if possible as each card is worth 5% more):

Gods Mime Pwr 17 ATK 10500 Solid ATK/DEF utility card
Demon Goblin Fighter Pwr 16 ATK 9991 Med hit to all Foe DEF
Man High Shaman Pwr 16 ATK/DEF 8700 Solid ATK/DEF utility card

Gods Rhea Pwr 17 DEF 10000 Med boost all DEF
Demons Elder Vampire Pwr 17 DEF 9992
Man High Witch Pwr 17 DEF 10325 Skill level 5 (9% value)
Man High Lancer Pwr 17 DEF 9300 Med boost to all DEF (6%)


In game player name: wasntxme
Rage referral code: prp73658
Royale Ninja code: SZYA

Archive Bonus: As you progress, Fully Evolve (but dont enhance) One set of each lower level cards, even the Pwr2-10s. There is an Archive bonus which will be helpful later in the game.

User Info: XxnegoxX

5 years ago#7
wow there is a lot that goes with enhancing and whatnot thanks for the responses...sucks that i used up most of my cards for enhancing about 2 rares but thanks anyways ya'll helped a bunch
"If I Get Knocked Down 6 Times, I Will Get Up 7"
PSN ID: Negotchi
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