how long till next event?

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User Info: toast001

5 years ago#1
I started right before the dragon roar event so I don't know how long it was between that event and the last one. So to the long time players, how long should I expect?

User Info: WasntxMe

5 years ago#2
There is no pattern.

Dragon event started very quickly after last Holy War, which I think happens once per month, and it took forever to get rewards for Dragon so who knows whats wrong with Developer.

I imagine next event will start Friday June 8th and it could be anything. Keep some Cure Water and Holy Powder handy as you never know which one will be more valuable for any particular event.

There has been a large group of people buying CW lately at rock bottom prices (3cw=1HP) and they might already know. Eventually CW will be more desired than HP, but not typically, and never during Holy Wars.

Fridays have been pretty consistent Event Start Dates and Sunday End Dates.


Time to start planning now for the next Holy War.

The most efficient way to get ahead is to just buy max evo Pwr16-17s so you can focus all your energy on your Top Tier cards (Pwr21+) which you get from Event Rewards and lucky LCP catches, etc.

You may purchase the following with Powder at rock bottom prices compared to buying LCPs at $15 each where you might get 1 or 2 Pwr16+

I have multiple Max Evo Power 16s and 17s for trade
Wants: Holy Powder, or
Power 23+ singles

Available for trade asap (try to stay in your Realm if possible as each card is worth 5% more):

2 Single Siegmunds from Event Rewards,
Demon Goblin Fighter Pwr 16 ATK 9991 Med hit to ALL Foe DEF (5%)
Man High Shaman Pwr 16 ATK/DEF 8700 Solid ATK/DEF utility card (6%)

Demons Elder Vampire Pwr 17 DEF 9992
Man High Witch Pwr 17 DEF 10325 Skill level 5 (9% value)
Man High Lancer Pwr 17 DEF 9300 Med boost to ALL DEF (6%)
Man Holy Knight Pwr Pwr 17 DEF 11300 Med boost to man DEF (5%)

Any other cards you see are for trade/sale as well.

IN GAME RESPONSES/TRADE OFFERS Prefrd (or GFqs Private Msg feature-upper corner of this page).
IGN: wasntxme - prp73658 - Ninja Royale referral code: SZYA
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