What's the point of a defense leader?

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  3. What's the point of a defense leader?

User Info: Ticklewolf

5 years ago#1
I have been asked to be def leader in my guild I'm just not sure if that means I have any more responsibility haha

User Info: SweetStupp

5 years ago#2
Leader means you gain and lose more Holy War points, so any lead has to be active.

Defense leader is like the guy in the front of a fight. Gotta take him down before you get to the rest of the army (order)

User Info: Tsano

5 years ago#3
Being lead does not make you gain more points, it makes it so you are worth more points to people attacking you in HW. You get a 5% bonus to def, and the rest of your order can not be attacked until you have been successfully attacked once.

User Info: rawasheck

5 years ago#4
Well yea u do have a lot of responsibility. Im guessing you probably didn't look it up on Google a lot r yout r new r both... But the point is the def leader is the gelom of the order in "holy wars". It stops the enemy from atking the other players from getting alot of points. So its a no brainer to have a great defense deck and a lot hp's and def points so that is the basics

User Info: tpyang

5 years ago#5
if you guys didn't notice, the last holy wars was a bit diff (for me anyway). Attacking def leaders gives lesser HW points. Not sure it's only me or did anyone else notice that?
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User Info: Soulwreak

5 years ago#6
I honestly wouldn't suggest being a def leader, unless you have a really good def deck, average won't cut it. I love to farm def leaders for sexy points.

User Info: TooheyMooz

5 years ago#7
Not really less hw pts, but what I noticed was a bunch of mid-level man def leaders with full decks of king arthurs and lancelots...I think the points you (could) get are also based on your opponents level.

User Info: Tsano

5 years ago#8
Level and current def points, yes. So ic someone else has already railed the def lead a few times you won't get many points.
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  3. What's the point of a defense leader?

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