Un-finishable cards?

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User Info: TheGuiltySpark

3 years ago#1
So I'm kinda dreading this answer, but at this point I'm pretty much expecting the worst...

Are the SSR event cards that were released ever going to be given another go?

I still have an Holy Angel Altaia++ and a Barong++ that I'd love to finish, I just didn't have the money at the time to spend $100-200 on card packs so I could "move around the board" and claim the rewards...

Since they can't be bought/sold, is there any chance they will come back so they can be finished - or was it a one time "If you missed them then you're SOL" kinda thing?

User Info: khedgear

3 years ago#2
You're stuck with the ++ form, as are most people.

There was a promo where some players got an altaia when there were 500k likes on the RoB facebook page, but otherwise its highly unlikely that they will ever get released again.
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