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Next week's DLC (and future DLC)

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User Info: KazukiJurai

4 years ago#1
In case some people didn't know, the DLC that'll be coming out next week is listed on NISA's site. I assume they'll be updating it, so check it out to see what'll be up on your store in the weeks to come.



....I'm jealous of you PAL people. Getting the level cap DLC next week >_>
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User Info: PrinceMarthX

4 years ago#2
Unless there's better ways to gain exp, the level cap dlc doesn't sound good.

User Info: SSj7CloudS

4 years ago#3
Edit: I did the EU listings in my next post and omitted all the currently released DLC, feel free to read that if you want to know right away what's coming in the following couple weeks.

To make it easier to read for the US side, next week entails:

Blanc's "Ehehe/Bleh Fox" Accessory
2013-04-09 $0.99 Pack

Gamindustri Extra Fancy Set
2013-04-09 $0.99 Pack

Neptune's "Histy" Accessory
2013-04-09 $0.99 Pack

Noire's "Face Visor"
2013-04-09 $0.99 Pack

Peashy's "Mr. Bee Hat"
2013-04-09 $0.99 Pack

Plutia's "Sleepy-Time Cap"
2013-04-09 $0.99 Pack

Sack O' Scouts
2013-04-09 $1.99 Pack

Shampuru Puru!
2013-04-09 Free Pack
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User Info: SSj7CloudS

4 years ago#4
For the EU side, the ones omitted are already on the store judging by the dates listed:

1st Level Cap Break
2013-04-10 1.99

ASIC Arfoire
2013-04-24 Free

Blanc Swimsuit Set
2013-04-10 1.99

Blanc's "Brawl Hammer" Weapon
2013-04-10 0.99

National entrance exams!? Let's do this!
2013-04-24 0.99

Neptune Swimsuit Set
2013-04-10 1.99

Neptune's "Shining Blade" Weapon
2013-04-10 0.99

New Party Member "Compa"
2013-04-24 1.99

New Party Member "IF"
2013-04-24 1.99

Noire Swimsuit Set
2013-04-10 1.99

Noire's "1st Bounty Blade" Weapon
2013-04-10 0.99

Peashy Swimsuit Set
2013-04-10 1.99

Plutia Swimsuit Set
2013-04-10 1.99

Plutia's "Dogoo Swimmer" Weapon
2013-04-10 0.99

Purple Heart's "HDD Neptune" &
"Day Clothes" Processor Units
2013-04-10 Free

The Green CPU and the Black CPU
2013-04-10 Free

The Pedigree of Justice
2013-04-03 Free

The White CPU and the Purple CPU
2013-04-17 Free

Vert Swimsuit Set
2013-04-10 1.99

Vert's "Round Striker" Weapon
2013-04-10 0.99
Playing: Red Steel 2, Sin and Punishment Star Successor, Hyperbakersdozen Neptunia: mk2many, The Last Story
PSN: jext77

User Info: FatalxInnocence

4 years ago#5
Wow, characters on the 24th seems really far away >_> I've basically done everything the game has to offer... -_- and IF & Compa aren't even the characters I'm looking forward to.

I just want Mages, Marvelous & Falcom x___x
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User Info: moneythegale

4 years ago#6
Yeah, but if we go by the JP releases, Mages is 5 months away T.T

User Info: iLordShade

4 years ago#7
I somehow doubt we'll be waiting 5months for the mages characters.

also is there anything special about Compa and IF characters, I'm assuming they don't have a HDD mode (lol) so they gotta make them useful in some way to put them in the battle party (or spamming lily ranks)

User Info: shuin_exe

4 years ago#8
so in next next week we should get swimsuits in US right?
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User Info: will57

4 years ago#9
Going by the EU list, the US will probably get IF and Compa two or three weeks from now I guess. Still waiting on Mages and Tekken. Luckily I haven't even finished my first playthrough yet but I doubt i'll have a lot to do when all of the DLC characters have been released....Actually I take that back, the level cap increase will motivate me to grind more, and i'm definitely not going to replay until a few of the DLC characters are out (even though Mages and Tekken are probably like a month away).
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User Info: Jayjs20

4 years ago#10
Wish I was getting the level cap DLC. I just hit 99 recently and still have more to kill.
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