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User Info: RhynoXblade

4 years ago#1
Okay, I'm really confused of this one,

I have 2 option of Neptune Weapon:
- Leaventein Has it's Stable Status, not decreasing anything
- Kiryuu Sword, Has Super Damage , but lower Agility and Tec =3=

Can you give me a Choice and tell me the Reason why you using it, Thank you >.<

User Info: alphakidz

4 years ago#2
I actually went with Kiryuu Sword for Neptune's weapon because of STR.
More STR = More Damage.
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User Info: YamiTsukiRyu

4 years ago#3
I too went with the Kiryuu sword because of the damage output. :)
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User Info: tanct485

4 years ago#4
I would personally go with the one with more damage as well but however if it has extreme penalties I wouldn't. If it decreases other stats like 50+ I would go with a stable one. Btw Neptune is strength-based so int doesn't really matter on her.
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User Info: RhynoXblade

4 years ago#5
Thank you Guys :D

I will Choose Kiryuu Sword then XD

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