Which rooms to go with?

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User Info: Col_Mobius

4 years ago#1
Which rooms do people like best? I just realized you don't have to do the Dodge Generator and Laser Cannon for the first two - should I do them anyway? And which do you like better - the sick bay or the shield regen room?
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User Info: Rapscallion84

4 years ago#2
Personally I found these to be most effective:

Laser Cannon
Gattling Gun

Dodge Generator

Healing Room

EDIT: Replaced Shield Booster with Healing Room because the former was absolute garbage.

User Info: XGalt

4 years ago#3
Healing room is definitely what you want. Invasions are a huge deal and just being able to duck in a room (when your ship isn't swiss cheese) and heal will save lives. The longer your people live the better they get.
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User Info: Col_Mobius

4 years ago#5
Based on the advice given, I've been running Dodge, Shield, Laser, and Machine Gun. That's been working well. Maybe on another run I'll check out the Healing Room, but it seems like it can't possibly be of any use.
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User Info: wildluck

4 years ago#6
Weapons: Gun & Plasma
Small ship I go with Medic room over Dodge room. On Med ship I just leave out the large medic room, rather have robots & more attackers then being able to revive within 8 secs.
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User Info: samuricex

4 years ago#7
Col_Mobius posted...
Based on the advice given, I've been running Dodge, Shield, Laser, and Machine Gun. That's been working well. Maybe on another run I'll check out the Healing Room, but it seems like it can't possibly be of any use.

Healing room is horrible. I found myself never needing it and eventually just wasted tokens to replace it. The only good thing about it is the healing speed upgrade on your blue crew, but save that for the new ship when you can have all three rooms.
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User Info: rinchan

4 years ago#8
I found the shield room useful because it lets you level up the science crew onboard whenever they produce shield tokens in battle. Good when grinding those easy battles where the enemy never gets to board you. My two shield room personnel usually max out their science levels first.

I think maxing your shield right after getting hit also reduces the chance of getting boarded on the next hit. I notice I get boarded if I let myself get hit twice in a row or more without dodging or shield restoring. I think it's cos of the Overflow Capacitor, which reduces the threshold where your shields fail (allowing boarding) by 25%.

The Armstrong Calculator upgrade also raises shield recharge by 20%. Helps reduce those pesky hull breaches.

As for the healing room, these are the upgrades:

Work Desk - Raises science officer heal rate +15% (I assume this is how often they heal.)
Clean Room - Heal effect inside heal room +200%
Science Futon - Description says it raises only science crew hp by 10% but it seems to affect everybody.

User Info: rinchan

4 years ago#9
More on topic, my first priority is the torpedo room. Best damage, easiest minigame imho and the token production gives the assigned crew xp, unlike the Laser Room. >.>; Or any room that doesn't make tokens in or after battle. Next are the Dodge and Shield Rooms. Not sure what other playstyles are out there but alternating Shield Recharge and Dodge, I usually don't get boarded up to Normal difficulty and can finish non-boss battles in under 10 minutes with no casualties. After that is the Laser Room, but I try to assign Tactical crew who have already maxed out since they don't earn XP there (like the Engine Room).

Biggest decision to make is which two medium rooms to make out of the three available. I assume all three medium hulls can only build two medium rooms.

Medical = Allows resurrecting dead crewmembers right after dying before they er...decompose? A token creator but so far my crew don't die enough to actually try this. Still in normal mode though.

Armory = Allows Grenades for all tacticals but only two at a time. Another token creator so you can only lob two at a time before having to reproduce. They can knock back your own troops (any friendly fire damage?) and start fires. It does have a +15% damage to all Tactical crew upgrade though...

Sentry = Allows Engineers to build sentry bots. Again, based on tokens and you can only build up to two in reserve. On the other hand, your engineers can now do more than just put out fires and the extra firepower can be useful when flooded by frequent boarders.

I've gone with Medical and Sentry myself. I find it more important for Engineers to put up a pillbox just in case boarders show up far away from my Tactical teams. So far my Tactical teams can survive boarders on Normal.
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