My ideas to make game better.

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User Info: wildluck

4 years ago#1
Active pause: Where you can select where to put everyone as it is paused.

Bigger Crew: Make +2 per building.

Armory: Drop the bombs and just make units have better guns and armor from it.

Yes or no?
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User Info: XGalt

4 years ago#2
Number one thing I'd love to see is a way to do something dirty to them when their shields go down. You should be able to beam over a bomb or something after you completely some ridiculous circle mini-game.
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User Info: Lo_Key90

4 years ago#3
active pause makes sense, if this was on a console the chaoticness of everything would be ok but on a phone it's a bit much. The other two though I think would make the game a little too easy. Being able to beam over like 5 red crew members would be nice too, give them some of their own medicine. :)
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User Info: wildluck

4 years ago#5
ReverendCiars posted...
Ehh, +2 crew members per building would be a bit much. You would literally have double your crew. That would be seriously OP, seeing as you could have like ten red shirts against three enemies. Active pause would be nice, and an Armoury would be interesting.

I had 10 reds with all on 30 and still was getting over ran hard on black hole, it be the only way to play the game right and win. Otherwise I don't see how you ever be able to win final battle on black hole?
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User Info: fnordkallisti

4 years ago#6
The ability to create squads, so (for instance) I could move 2 red shirts and 1 blue shirts as a group.
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User Info: rinchan

4 years ago#7
I get the feeling they'll never allow a pause with scroll. It would probably make the game too easy. Part of the challenge and fun is responding to problems in real time. Like wasting precious seconds figuring out where the next enemy broadside is going to hit you so you can evacuate people there or where boarders are going to show up so you can move your tacticals over.

I am expecting larger hulls and maybe a 3rd class of room or more. Large ships with maybe two small Gun rooms and a new group of Medium Gun rooms with new minigames and animations. Cloning cylinder rooms that let you save and restore lost crew at the cost of more tokens according to their last rank...? A variety of trap rooms that lets engineers set different types of traps like mines, random teleporters (with a chance to teleport the enemy or even a careless crewmember outside the hull) or stasis fields?

I think it would be nice to have some funny or wacky idle animations among the crew too.

I wish the space portraits of each planet had some special effects. They're very pretty but not as pretty as space in say Galaxy on Fire 2. Maybe a little bit of animation or some 2d effects we used to see in old console games...?
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