How has each company pleased/dissappoint you in the past year or so?

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User Info: SigmaZeroX

5 years ago#21

Pleased: Making the Tatsunoko vs Capcom games; putting Casshern and Megaman Volnutt in the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom games; putting Frank West in TVC: UAS and UMVC3; and putting Bad Box Art Megaman in Street Fighter X Tekken

Disappointed: Not putting X and Sigma in any MVC3 game; constant milking of the SF4 games, and cancelling Megaman Legends 3


Pleased: Making Initial D Arcade Stage 5 and Initial D Arcade Stage 6; finally releasing The House of the Dead 4 on consoles

Disappointed: Disgracing the Lindbergh game lineup with Initial D Arcade Stage 4

Namco Bandai:

Pleased: Making Tekken 6 for the arcades and consoles; making the new 4-player Pac-Man arcade game; making the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune game in general; making Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Disappointed: Making a new version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a few months after the release of the original version; rushing the release of Soulcalibur V
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User Info: Greenhowse

5 years ago#22
For the record, I think that beyond Capcom wanting to distance itself from a business and interpersonal standpoint, they don't have any real grudge against Inafune. I can't see how not having a Mega Man in MVC3 and why Frank West was likely pulled from Vanilla Marvel but then put into Ultimate is explained, but it's not a grudge. Dead Rising 2 has been decently supported in the traditional Capcom way, and Lost Planet 3 is coming out albeit that entry may be a huge departure from the LP series (just from what I've read.)

And of course, the Mega Man issue. Until further notice (new game), Mega Man is dead. The words are dramatic, but I'm not going to make a noise about it--I'm just not going to believe anything Sven or Seth say about wanting time for Mega Man. I'll take them at their sympathy. But it's too difficult to not see the successive cancellations and lack of Mega Man in a Capcom-led crossover as a pattern or writing on the wall. I'll accept the Marvel issue as debatable. It's been too long since a Mega Man game has been a strong seller, this isn't something an especially sales conscious company like Capcom appreciates. But were it otherwise and we had Battle Network in its heyday, then Capcom would churn out them Magamanz even if Inafune left, I'd think.

Pleased: Okamiden, at least for a friend who loves Okami. Ghost Trick. Sengoku Basara 3. Initially I was excited with the MVC3 and SFXT games, but it led to
Disappointed: ...disappointment. Consider me one of "those" guys, unhappy with "time release content," shaky online, lack of spectator modes for Marvel, Super editions, DLC $$$$!!!111. The games I like for the most part, but the business and development side often left me with a sour taste as far as those fighting games.

Pleased: Abyss 3DS, Tales of Graces f (!!!). The latter of which I followed since the Famitsu scans or whatever revealing the characters for the first time, colorless, so we didn't know that Hubert's hair was going to be blue or Pascal's red and white. Freakin' Solatorobo. (but I also thank our savior XSEED) I follow Tales Union and Abyssal Chronicles, so it seems trademarks for Graces F Europe and Xillia North America are set up. Hmm...
Disappointed: Well I didn't play the offending games this year (Dark Souls and a One Piece game for 3DS?) But I bought Magna Carta 2 for cheap recently. I just stayed away from the DLC (not paying for that BS) and the game was not fun for me, it feels too slow and this magnifies the game's faults, didn't get that far before I decided to quit. I don't like any of the characters that I saw too. Doesn't really count though.

Pleased: You're bringing over Rhythm Thief! THANK THE HEAVENS. Sonic Adventure 2 for digital release is kinda cool I guess. Already got the DC and GC versions though, so ultimately I don't really care. Jet Grind Radio HD is great though.
Disappointed: They better do those rumored Shenmue and Skies HD ports. I'm wary of:
"SEGA has made the decision to consolidate its publishing business in order to focus on developing digital content and driving its existing IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and the Aliens franchise" No, no, no! I feel bummed for those laid off too.
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User Info: _Matt_Engarde_

5 years ago#23
High Point: Ace Attorney series
Low Point: Rehashed fighters

High Point: Tales of Graces f
Low Point: No Tales of Xillia yet

High Point: Valkyria Chronicles
Low Point: No Burning Rangers
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  3. How has each company pleased/dissappoint you in the past year or so?

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