What if they announce Sonic and his partner would be Mario?

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  3. What if they announce Sonic and his partner would be Mario?

User Info: Greenhowse

5 years ago#21
mrmickfran posted...
omegazero99 posted...
I would prefer Knuckles to Tails. Just my opinion.


Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle.

looooooool >_> <_<

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User Info: Ragiroth

5 years ago#22
Eh, I'd prefer him just be with another Sonic character. I also don't think ALL of the teams have been hero+sidekick. KOS-MOS and TEL-OS for example. And are Akira and Pai sidekicks? I thought they were just the most iconic male and female of VF. Because I'd rather prefer Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, or Silver over Tails. *put's up flame shield*

User Info: Mugen_Shiro_000

5 years ago#23
Ragiroth posted...
are Akira and Pai sidekicks?

They were in the anime. But that was quite some time ago, I wouldn't think that has any relevance here.

Because I'd rather prefer Knuckles. . . or Silver over Tails. *put's up flame shield*

It's ok, so do I.
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User Info: hydradragon

5 years ago#24
I could see Sonic with Tails, Amy, Shadow, and Knuckles. Although, I'm sure they would go with Sonic & Tails.
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User Info: TaticalWarrior

5 years ago#25
Model_SX29 posted...
TaticalWarrior posted...
The thing is: WHAT IF. Would you like it? Yes, no? No need to post a defense or ask about logic for somthing that is purely a imagination. >_>

If that's all you wanted, you should have put heavy emphasis on that in your first post. The way you worded it made it sound like you actually thought Mario had a semblance of a chance of even appearing. Partnered with Sonic? No.

And no, I wouldn't like it, because the game was advertized as a cross between Capcom, Namco, and Sega, so I would be pissed if Mario somehow snuck his way in; especially with Sonic, who should be partnered with Tails in a game like this.

The very title starts with WHAT IF. I couldn't be more clear. Funny how there are lots of baclash post about it, but if I wanted to create a topic about Mario having a chance of appearing, I WOULDN'T need to say nothing. :/
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User Info: DarkNight11

5 years ago#26

From: mrmickfran | #018

Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle.

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